Club Penguin Plus First Looks


A new server has made its way into the community. Club Penguin Plus is so easy to navigate it’s unreal. The server is AS3 but soon you will be able to play in AS2. The site is also now in Beta Stage which will last for one to two weeks. Owner Dope Rope says he has staff that is both mature and hard working, promising a nice gaming experience. The owner wanted the site to have a Club Penguin vibe. In forms of security, the site’s database is also encrypted and safe for users. Special features will be kept secret for now so that is under lock and key. Logging in was so fast and efficient so no more waiting for the penguin to shovel snow a hundred million times. Seen in the picture below is the login page.

Now it looks like the same old login page but what is different is the Actions and Information buttons. In Actions, a player can find so much useful information.

In the Actions section, a player can purchase items and change the features for the penguin. I found this so easy to use and no lag. In the Information section, a player can find out their game ID.

A Support System can easily be used to answer any player’s questions. Simply make a ticket and the staff will respond back to you. Seen underneath is an example of the Support page.

 All the familiar penguin games are in working order to entertain your penguin. My favorite is seen below and just look at me catch a wave.

To join the nostalgia please go to this link 

Farewell, for now, my Speedy friends and keep waddling on.


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