Club Penguin Online: Upcoming Events (January 2018)

Club Penguin Online is an AS3 recreation of the original Club Penguin, register today to experience classic Club Penguin!

This post is to inform readers of the upcoming events on Club Penguin Online.

January 20th – January 21st

Beta Party – Celebrating the launch of CP Online, the Beta Party will give players a chance to obtain the original beta party hat.

January 24th – February 4th

Pirate Party – Dress up as a pirate, battle crabs for loot and meet Rockhopper!

January 29th/30th – ????

New Catalog(s) will be out

New Pin(s) will be out

You can play Club Penguin Online over at clubpenguinonline.com

All this information was provided to us by the owner (Harley).

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