Club Penguin Online Just Hit 100,000 Registered Users

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Get ready because this is a big one: Club Penguin Online has announced their big hit of 100,000 users earlier this morning, via Twitter. The recreational Club Penguin in a “classy” way CPPS has done it in two months; This is FAST people. CP Online has just announced the 50,000 registries last month. Think about it, 50,000 registrations every month? We are intrigued to know how many there will be by the end of this year. Check this out:

I’ll sure be tuning into that party. Woo-hoo!

How they did it:

The way this CPPS runs is through the welcoming hearts of their own users. Everywhere you go, expect warm compliments and conversations of galore. Since Club penguin had officially shut down just last year, Club Penguin online has wanted to be closely connected to CP as possible.

Here are just some of the sites recent highlights…

The Old and New Club Penguin 

Nowadays you see may CPPS’ with the same features, but this new one has broken the ice. CP Online now lets you play both the old and the new Club Penguin. Say what? The site features the option of playing either client with a simple click.

Quickly switch between the two before logging in (found on the top right)

And yes, you might be asking, can you communicate with others on a different client? Yes, you can chat with your friends even if they are experiencing a different version.

Which client will you be spending the most time on? Let me know in the comments below.

Mascot Visits

CPO makes the user’s experience a little more exciting by having mascots frequently visit their servers. Most recently, Sam the Sasquatch has made its last appearance this past weekend. Users would huddle up and come closer together to get the right moment with Sam.

Full house countdowns for sam the Sasquatch!

They even had RockHopper earlier this year.

Pins and Codes

Cp Online adds new pins often enough to make the users always on a hunt. They have recently added the new Ruby pin along the “Ruby and the Ruby” play (One of my favorites). Some of their older ones included a balloon, a cactus and a pizza.

Just like Club Penguin, CP Online allows you to enter codes to win some rare items and/or coins. The codes are only available for 24-hours. For the entrance into the month of March, they released code CPONLINEMARCH—giving you the chance of receiving 15,000 coins. They’ve also done the CPOCLASSIC code featuring these items:

In conclusion, Club Penguin Online is growing and is standing out more than ever. Make sure to visit their “What’s New” page to find out more, and join their discord to enter the discussion.

Link: Clubpenguinonline.com

Discord: discord.gg/abyK4g

Thanks for reading, have a good weekend everybody.



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