Club Penguin Online: Beta Party

Club Penguin Online is a stable AS3 recreation of Club Penguin.

While the game itself is active and you’re able to play, the actual official beta party kicks off this weekend.

We got in contact with the owner (Harley), whom had this to say in regards to Club Penguin Online’s future plans.

We wish to be Club Penguin’s successor, we’re an EXACT replica of Club Penguin right before they shut down.

We’re doing monthly parties, have most features functional, custom stuff, a blog and planning even more.

Players will be able to obtain the original (and rare) beta party hat this Saturday (Saturday 20th January 2018), and the beta party will last until Sunday.

The team at Club Penguin Online are working hard in preparation on what is predicted to be an extremely busy weekend, we advise people to register ahead of this weekend’s Beta Party.

You can play Club Penguin Online over at clubpenguinonline.com

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