Club Penguin City Arrives




Let me catch my taxi, one moment please, I will inform you about a new server that has hit the community. An innovative CPPS and a welcoming staff are just the beginning. Owner Fice and Trippie inform me that Beta testing is now and will last for five days and after that, the site goes public. Entering the site the welcome page is so fresh. I was able to get a sneak peek and seen from the picture below you won’t be sorry.

When you log in this site your penguin actually welcomes you. In the picture below it shows the penguin you created and saying your name.

Club Penguin City will be an AS2 site with a clean and attractive style including all the classic Club Penguin games. The site will slowly release features that the original club penguin had which included monthly parties and catalogs.

Recognize those game guys? I bet it brings back memories for you all. I am also informed by the owners that you should use a sixteen digit password with random numbers to avoid trouble. The passwords on this server have been encrypted and the site provides server protection. Also as a reminder, this site will not allow cursing and it will quickly be filtered however some are permitted just ask staff for details. Club Penguin City strives to put their users first. Another blast from the past feature is the famous EPF missions and if you remember The Case of The Missing Puffle.

Also, the infamous stamp book is available so the player can keep up with his or her stamps. Two happy staff members on the beach waving at you saying hello is a very welcoming site to behold.

This now concludes the tour of Club Penguin City. Au revoir.




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