Club Frozen Closes

Hi guys,

I have noticed this for a while, but kept forgetting to post about it. The popular CPPS called “Club Frozen” (cf in-formally known) has closed.

This is what the Owner Buhala had to say:

"Club Frozen is closed. Everything is deleted. We are not coming back.Sorry for any incoverence this may have caused. The reason we closed:http://pastebin.com/xpfEtbQ9"

Club Frozen has received a C&D by Disney, this is what the email had to say:

“Re: Unauthorized Club Penguin Servers using CloudFlare, Inc. at
Cf.avbinc.org [IP address:]
File No.: APL-2012-07-00000

Dear Sir or Madam:

I write on behalf of Disney Online Studios Canada Inc. (“Disney”). It has come to our attention that CloudFlare, Inc.’s services are being used as a pass-through network provider to automatically cache infringing Club Penguin content. Specifically, the website <cf.avbinc.org > with an IP address of (“Site”) is using your services to provide access to infringing copies of Club Penguin artwork and software programs, while enabling unauthorized access to the legitimate Club Penguin game located at www.clubpenguin.com, thereby violating section eleven of your terms of service.

While we are aware the infringing content is not being hosted by CloudFlare, Inc., we expect CloudFlare, Inc. does not condone the above-mentioned use of its services and is committed to prohibiting unlawful activity on its network. Accordingly, please immediately disable access to the Site, terminate all active accounts associated with the Site and preserve any and all records related to the domain, including but not limited to, any contact, account and/or registration information for the registrants, account holders or authorized users of the Site and any transactional information, agreements or correspondence between CloudFlare, Inc. and the registrants, account holders or authorized users associated with the Site.

Please let me know if you would like to discuss this matter further. Otherwise, we thank you in advance for your prompt cooperation in terminating access to the infringing content. Please let us know when you have done so by July 22, 2012.

Very truly yours,

//Cynthia Tobar//

Cynthia Tobar
Senior Antipiracy Paralegal
The Walt Disney Company
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-0641
Telephone: (818) 560-6132
Facsimile: (818) 841-1329
E-mail: [email protected]

Allegedly infringing content:

This is to notify you of the complaint filed against your site below. We’ve provided the name of the web hosting provider which hosts your server as we are required to do by law.”

It looks pretty real, so no wonder Club frozen hasn’t taken any chances.

Club frozen has been an amazing little private server which has been running for months, it was the first cpps to introduce bubble color, and it has never been hacked.

As Buhala has said, this is the end of Club frozen. If someone else decides to recreate Club Frozen, that might be possible.

Kind Regards,

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