Closing Reminder

Hey guys,

This post is just to remind you that the blog will not be operating on the following days:

  • Monday 24th December 2012  [Christmas Eve]

  • Tuesday 25th December 2012  [Christmas day]

  • Wednesday 26th December 2012

  • Saturday 31st December 2012  [New Years eve]

  • Sunday 1st January 2013  [New years day]

  • Tuesday 2nd January 2013 

No posts will be made on the above 6 days.

Please spend this time doing other things, or spend time with your families.

This will also give time for our blog to be updated, which you may still visit our blog, but it may be messed up and out-of-order.

The closing days will be emphasized and reminded over the next few days.

Also, the day the blog closes it is expected that all staff write a post wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, and  giving everyone a brief of what you enjoyed this year, and what you are excited for next year. [These posts will all be off-topic].

Kind regards,

  • admin

~ Merry Christmas! ~




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