Chilly arrival – Arctic

Greetings fellow penguins,

The time has come, and finally it has released, unique, advanced and custom AS2 Club Penguin Private server that goes by the name of Arctic. Arctic is run by the company going by the name of Pixel, which is also a training service, all CPPSes are welcome. The game is being maintained and run by Roan and the community is being managed by Camden. Here’s a quick quote from Roan –

Ever wanted a customizable CPPS with a range of glows, a range of custom rooms, a number of custom items? Enjoy Arctic, a small, custom CPPS with a fantastic community and a range of features that you’ve always wanted on Club penguin, !ADDALL, playercard colours? chat glows? We have it, as well as find four, card jistu and sled racing and basic CP features working out.

Let’s move on to a few peaks at Arctic, the island is cold so be sure to put on a sweater!

The island was packed during release and sure is still.

Arctic, an AS2 rebrand of Arctic+!

Reliable and active, helpful staff members!

Talented users, CJ Fire and Water coming soon!

Card Jitsu is here! Come along and have an enjoyable time playing!

Well, that’s it for now on Arctic, we’ll be sure to post on any new or upcoming updates, stay tuned!

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Until next time,



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