CandyLand Comes To Snowy CP

Bienvenue Penguins,

SnowyCP has introduced the Candyland Party with a sweet twist and I mean delicious. Owner Simplicity warns all candy lovers to beware because you will be engulfed in candy and the aura of your sweet tooth. As your penguin logs into town, he or she will see a fantasy of the sweet kind. Seen in the screenshot below owner Simplicity is showing off his sugary plaza. The colors stand out showing off a delightful sight to behold.

Candy is all over the island, satisfying the sweet tooth of every penguin. Dance the night away at the peppermint dance club and after that enjoy the taste of the delicious ice cream speakers.

This server is sweet and I mean literally sweet. SnowyCP is an AS2 server promising a very supportive staff with a soon to come commands page and support system. There will be commands for this server and you will eventually find them on the commands page. The beta stage is over so SnowyCP is now public, come and enjoy this delicious experience. The Candyland Party has hit SnowyCP smothering the site in absolute sugar.

The Cove has been transformed into a river of goo that reminds me of red velvet cake and the logs are donut chairs with frosting and if that is not enough sweet indulgence ice cream adorns the sides.

Venture onto the iceberg and your penguin will find pink puffles with a huge trampoline. Look at that those adorable pink puffles and the owner is loving every minute of it.

Hope you enjoyed this sugary surprise visit to Snowy CP and until next time. Adios


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