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Hey everyone,

A few days ago, Pengur has released their new event — Camp Pengur. This camp will be hosting until the 25th of June. Just like you guys, I’m quite excited to see what they have in store for us. Let’s check it out!

To start off, when you enter upon the login screen, you notice they changed up the play page than how you usually see it. —

Screenshot_24After logging in, you are instantly greeted with this message that explains a little bit more about Camp Pengur.–

Screenshot_23It seems they have added quite a lot of updates in preparation for this event! Like what Aunt Arctic said in the message, if you look on the top left, there is a clickable floating fish burger. If you click on it, this is what pops up —

Screenshot_25Hey, cool! Just like in a real camp, you are tasked to do some activities on the list. I won’t be spoiling what happens next if you complete them, but if you think that after you’re done with the tasks that you are finished, you’re wrong. Pengur has more to offer! If you click on activities —

Screenshot_26You notice that you can play other games such as “Hide and Seek” and check out camps such as the Puffle Camp at the Iceberg.

Pretty amazing, right? I have to say, Pengur has put in a lot of effort to make Camp Pengur happen and so far, they have certainly impressed me. Come on Pengur and check out this fun event  for yourself! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. While at it, come see what the CPPS itself has to offer and check out what you have been missing on!

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