Camp Penguin – The fantastic CPPS

Hello, Speedy CPPSHQ viewers.

Camp penguin is a bran new CPPS that opened 15 days ago, and is brand new. It is customed and the staff has so much experience about it. You should join it: http://camppenguin.moonfruit.com/

It will be customed and it’s all about CAMP, nothing else, just camp. It is all customed. You will find more in the CPPS. Anyway, here is the preview:

Creator Preview:

”Camp Penguin is an exciting new CPPS releasing this week of July 1. There’s so much fun things you can expect on Camp Penguin. You’re going to be able to relive the experience of Club Penguin’s Camping Party! This is going to be one of the best Club Penguin Private Servers since the history of iCP. It’s something you’re going to not want to miss. There’s going to be a lot of custom content. It’s going to be all about the users here, because on Camp Penguin it’s all about the campers. So we’re soon recruiting penguins to come join the fun camping experience. Stay tuned for more details. Also, please check out the donations page for donation information as well as special extras to boost your experience.”

By the way: Enjoy it or enjoy doing nothing.



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