Calling All CPPS Owners + Staff Members!

YOU control the news!

That’s you & you and you!

The team at Speedy CPPSHQ have been in many months of planning to bring forward a new idea in the CPPS blogging community. We love the idea of having new content, sourced directly from the source, and what’s better then sourcing that content directly from the CPPS developers!

We’re now opening up a new method of hiring members of the CPPS community, who have some direct connection with a CPPS, such as Developers, Owners, Administrators, Moderators, Designers, you name it!

We want Speedy CPPSHQ to be your place to deliver your news to the wider community. Have a new feature on your CPPS? Perhaps need a break-down post on what makes your CPPS amazing! Or even posting some upcoming custom rooms your CPPS have been working on. Speedy CPPSHQ is your hub for this.

We’re hiring a team of Contributors on Speedy, to help CPPS owners and team deliver on news. All posts will queued for administrator or editor approval, and may be altered if there are any errors within the post. We feel that if a CPPS is struggling, but has amazing features that aren’t being noticed, this tool is for you. This new innovation is currently being trialed, and if successful will be kept. We are currently looking for a total of 8 individuals to begin trial of this new system.


  • All contributors can only post about their own CPPS, or the CPPS they are a part of.
  • You can post about your upcoming server, but it must be an authentic CPPS or instant demotion.
  • Don’t spam the blog with the same post! If you have more features to add right after you post, edit your post and include them.
  • Think of this as a partnership opportunity, we give your server free exposure, so make sure to share your posts within the community and social media.

Why choose Speedy CPPSHQ?

We have a long history within the CPPS community, with the blog being first established in early 2012, and along with it being one of the most popular CPPS news blogs of the era. The blog has awoken from hibernation late last year, with brand new authors and is slowly picking up where we left off.

How do I become a Contributor? 

We’ve opened a temporary interest form which can be found here:

**Contributor apply is now closed. If still interested, contact us at [email protected]**

Successful applicants will be contacted via Skype.

Further questions? Drop in a comment.

Best wishes,




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