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Hey everyone!

Today Calippo’s owner Alex is doing a Hide and Seek competition on FrostPengu. Users will compete in three games of hide and seek. Alex shall hide and the first user to find him will win and receive VIP on Calippo! You must have a Calippo account to receive your VIP if you win. There are many exclusive VIP features, such as nickname change, themes, create unlimited blogs, create private blogs, delete your own blogs and much more!

The competition will start Today at 7PM BST / 11AM PST / 2PM EST on FrostPengu, so make sure to be there. Alex, myself, and some other FrostPengu’s staff members will join us too.


Good luck to all the participants and have fun!

Click here to read Calippo’s post about this, and click here to visit Calippo.


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