Calippo – A new social forum!


A new social forum!

Calippo is a new social forum started by Luke and Alex. Calippo is a forum for many online virtual games such as Pandanda, CPPS and Snaildom! Calippo is preferably new but has all qualities to be a big forum like Rile5 and Solero! Calippo focuses on programming/developing and virtual games! We interviewed the owner of Calippo, Alex.

What do you plan to do next to the forums?

Add some new features, which I will announce in a post. I will also take in some feedback from users and make some small improvements.

What inspired you to start a new forum?

I gotta say I have been wanting to create my own forum for while now, I had been waiting for a time that there weren’t many around. To be completely fair it was the DamenSpike GamesHQ that inspired me.

What should we expect from Calippo?

New features, new ranks, a new application system and much more. As I said in the first question this will all be announced soon!

Tell us more about Calippo.

Calippo is like the DSGHQ and Aureus mixed. It is more of a social forum, than a coding/programming based forum or even a CPPS based forum. We still have lots of things to talk about on our forum which includes coding/programming and CPPS if you are interested in those subjects. If you want to have more of an idea what there is to talk about on our forum, just click here.

What made you choose the name Calippo and what does it mean?

A few months ago I had just noticed Solero was named after a lollipop, then when I was starting to setup our forum, I decided to name mine after a lollipop made by the same company, and that’s why it’s called Calippo. Interesting right?

Sounds really great I should say! Calippo has a beautiful theme both for mobile devices and PC devices.

So what are you waiting for? Click these links to join Calippo today!

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