BREAKING NEWS: uberPenguin Closure?


Hi guys,

We’ve just come across some breaking news. It was just announced that uberPenguin has come to a close.

The following message can be found displayed on the website:

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The developer, Lux has left us with the following statement:

Goodbye for now, uberPenguin has sadly been closed indefinitely. There may be a possibility of us returning in the future but for right now it’s over. Peace ✌

Source: uberPenguin Discord Chat

As we understand, this decision has been building up for some time now, and it has came down to the dis-interest in continuing to maintain uberPenguin.

We are sad to see uberPenguin leave us, we will bring you more information as it comes.

Update 1:
uberPenguin is up for sale. If you are interested in purchasing, refer to the following:

If you are interested taking over ownership of uberPenguin & maintaining the game feel free to contact me on Twitter — @whereislux and we can negotiate a deal. You will receive all rights, files, sources, scripts, and services with a potential to earn a decent profit.

Source: uberPenguin Discord Chat

Update 2:
uberPenguin has been restored back online, although are still looking for someone to purchase & takeover the game.

The following banner can now be found on the website:

Visit uberPenguin




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