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                                 Database Leak


SpeedyCPPSHQ brings you important information regarding FrozenCPPS and PortalPenguin. FrozenCPPS and PortalPenguin’s databases have both been leaked. Similar instances have been occurring throughout the year, with ViPenguin, Flippr and many more. We advise you to change your passwords for both servers immediately to prevent any type of hackers from getting into your personal accounts or information.

Here is a snippet of the FrozenCPPS and PortalPenguin database leaks:


It’s believed that some users have been receiving threats if they’re staff members on either one of these servers. SpeedyCPPSHQ advises everyone to change their passwords who has a registered account on any CPPS or any of your personal accounts.

Sheldon, from Lambos has leaked both of these databases.

SpeedyCPPSHQ will bring you more on this very soon.



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