BREAKING NEWS: Penguin World Database Leak

BREAKING NEWS: Penguin World Database Breach

We bring you news just in of a recent database leak on the CPPS, Penguin World.

Speedy CPPSHQ has just been contacted in regards to the database leak, from an individual named “Wheely”, who is taking credit for the leak. His intentions for breaching the database was to showcase how unsafe Penguin World was, holding the database along with many other files in possession.

Within this kitsune database leak, it contains usernames and MD5 hashed passwords (which can easily be decrypted) belonging to over 400 user accounts.

Above is a snippet of the leaked database.

We strongly urge anyone who registered on Penguin World to change your passwords elsewhere, if used to register on Penguin World. This is a further reminder to use a strong, unique password, on every CPPS you register on.

Penguin World are yet to release an official statement on the breach, we will keep you posted.




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