BREAKING NEWS: CPPS.ml Database Breach

BREAKING NEWS: CPPS.ml Database Breach

Before continuing with this post, we urge you to change your password on CPPS.ml, or anywhere else you may have used that same password.

Hi guys,

We bring you breaking news just in, to confirm rumors of a database breach on the CPPS, CPPS.ml.

News broke just yesterday of an Administrator account breach on CPPS.ml, causing many unauthorized actions. Then, a rumor surfaced of a potential database breach, this was then denied by the team.

Although, we have now been approached by @ChristSecurity/@JesusOnSecurity on Twitter, who is taking credit for the breach, confirming that the rumors are true.

He states how he was able to gain access to the database:

Due to a registration exploit that is now fixed.

The register was seen to be vulnerable causing database infiltration.

Below, is a small sample of the database leak, recording a total of 405 accounts.

We have reached out to CPPS.ml for a statement in regards to the breach. Administrator, Camden said:

Today, an unauthorized user downloaded a copy of our database through an exploit within the registration system. We have since fixed this exploit and changed our encryption methods from MD5, and created a new registration page instead of registration through the game. (http://CPPS.ml/register) Users are urged to change their password using !pass (new password) to protect their account, as well as switch to our new encryption method. If you’ve changed your password, you should be fine, as nobody else unauthorized can download snippets of our database. User emails and passwords have been leaked, which is why we’re urging you to change your password immediately. Let’s work together to make CPPS.ml more secure. Change your password. Thank you for sticking with CPPS.ml through this issue.

As noted, you are encouraged to log into the game and use the password changing command !pass (with your new password) to change your password.

CPPS.ml has made note that they are now using more secure encryption methods, to prevent this from ever happening again.


If you have any further questions, please visit CPPS.ml’s official discord server, here.




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