Big updates coming to CPPS.io!

Hey guys!

I’ve recently been informed that CPPS.io will be going through some major updates in the next month or so. Ranging from new features, to construction of the website’s homepage!

I was talking to Shaun, owner and developer of CPPS.io earlier. I asked questions about the new features being added to CPPS.io, including when they will be implemented to the CPPS, and how the features will function. Shaun said that we can look forward to the next feature to be size, and it will be added to CPPS.io very soon, possibly later this week. The size feature will work in the cPanel, or by the command !size, followed by numbers -3, -2, and -1 for smaller sizes, and 1, 2 and 3 for larger penguin sizes. Another new feature coming to CPPS.io is their new PM system. Some of you may remember the old PM system that was used on CPPS.io before v2, but Shaun has let me get a preview on the all new updated PM system. It can be accessed through the mail icon in the top left corner of your screen, or by simply saying !mail. Currently the PM system is being worked on by Shaun, but if you try to use the !mail command or click the mail icon on your screen, you will get a pop-up on your screen much like this one.


Shaun has stated that the updated PM system will be added to CPPS.io by mid/late August depending on how much time he has to work on CPPS.io. These are the only two new in-game features Shaun can confirm are coming to CPPS.io, but if there are more, I will be sure to keep you all updated. But that isn’t all that’s coming to CPPS.io, off-game updates will be coming as well! Shaun has also advised me that CPPS.io’s project v2 will be ending around late August or early September as soon as he finishes up with the last few features. Another off-game update coming to CPPS.io will be a whole new look to the website in itself, homepage, contact page, the whole entire CPPS will have a new, cleaner, look to it.

CPPS.io will also be adding a brand new Staff Client, which will be implemented very soon as well. CPPS.io has recently had lot’s of trouble with staff impersonation through the nick feature. With the all new Staff Client, moderators, administrators, and developers alike will be able to see through nicks and will be able to see real users (Keep in mind staff impersonation will progress as warn > ban).

That’s all the news on CPPS.io I have for now! I will be writing more on Speedy when I get more information to share! For the latest on CPPS.io, be sure to checkout their Discord Chat! Click Here! Also be sure to check out ProjectV2. Haven’t already registered? Click here to register!


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