Beta Release: Snowfall

Hi guys,

Today we’ll be having a glimpse at a brand new server, fresh to the community that is in its beta stage!

Welcome to Snowfall.


Snowfall, not to be confused with the other CPPS Snowfall made by Shawn & Disorder in 2013, this CPPS is founded by Mystic & Frost, and developed by Dev. At the current moment, the CPPS has only just recently released, with some features not working at the current stage.

snowfall cpps


Snowfall are currently looking for players to beta test their server and report bugs, with even hinting that anyone who does help beta test will be given an exclusive custom hoodie, as said:

Hello! Enjoy your stay at Snowfall CPPS! The servers of this CPPS will be up very soon. Please assist us in beta testing, as you can receive a custom hoodie ONLY EXCLUSIVE TO BETA TESTERS! The staff here are extremely friendly and can assist you with anything you need. Have any questions? Feel free to email our support staff @ [email protected]

Source: Snowfall

Many features are not available at the current moment, along with the bot & many commands, although if you are looking to test out a server and provide insightful bugs to the staff, while being in it to get your hands on a custom exclusive item, this may be the server for you.

The team are also looking at hiring moderators when public release is evident. You may find more about applying by emailing [email protected]

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