Aviate’s Closure, CPPSHub Updates + More!


Hi guys,

The newly emerged CPPS forum, Aviate has met closure today.

This decision was made by the management team, for the best interest. With many of the team departing, and the forums becoming inactive it was decided to shutdown the forums.

Alex, the owner, has decided to take light of this situation, with plans into transforming the forum into something new. Aviate will no longer be a CPPS forum, but will soon becoming a general gaming forum.

The following can be found on the homepage:

Aviate Gaming is currently unavailable
Aviate Gaming will be online soon!

Aviate Gaming is currently underway to replace the CPPS forums, which is planned to feature general gaming discussion.

If you are still wanting to join a CPPS forum, we recommend Aureus.

Aureus has greatly expanded with new ideas and concepts, to further improve the forum environment and connections.

In similar news, CPPS.gdn also changed, with it once being a CPPS social media site, then a CPPS forum, but now it has altered once again, this time becoming a CPPS file resource website.

CPPS.gdn now hosts sources, resources and tutorials on their website to assist users with creating their very own servers. Similarly, taking follow of the lead of CPPSHub which has recently gone under a massive update, after the ownership change from Jack to Cactii.

The new site design is a more smoother, efficient way into discovering the files hosted within the site. From more commonly the sources, to mediaservers and misc files, the site has a large collection to assist many with their own servers.

A small glimpse of what the site offers.


We’re all sure you know what F U T U R E is by now, if not we’d like to direct your attention over there right now!

F U T U R E will soon begin a new program, encouraging the community to have their work published on Speedy CPPSHQ. We will soon start selecting the best posts from F U T U R E, and re-post them on Speedy CPPSHQ’s main website, fully crediting the post author. If you have a passion for writing CPPS news, and want your work featured on Speedy, get writing on F U T U R E!

Please note: We will only select posts that relate to CPPS news.

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