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AviateHey everyone!

I have some very exciting news for you guys. A couple of days ago a new community forum called “Aviate” has come to life. Aviate is based on programming, gaming, CPPSes, and much more! Aviate was started by Josh.

Let’s start with the amazing, well-done logo and background. Alex, another administrator along with Josh, Michael, and Chris, has designed a new background for Aviate. He also made the logo match the background.

aviate background
Next we have is where you can find posts, when they are updated. Let’s take a look!

aviate posts
You can check the latest posts from staff and users! Now let’s check out where you can find the latest updates.

Very unique. You can find the recent updates on here and the discord channel!

The Management work very hard to bring Aviate to life. The forum was started by Josh, then the administrator of the former forum Calippo, called Alex, has joined the project along with Josh and they hired two more administrators by the name Michael and Chris. Be sure to join Aviate here also make your account here.

For my last part of the post, I will do a Interview with Josh!

  1. What inspired you to create Aviate?
    “Aviate is focused on platforms of gaming. Our main focus at this moment is the CPPS community. I saw many gaming communities out there that were either inactive or dying. The CPPS community is not dying. It’s been kept pretty well active. The CPPS part of the forum was inspired by helping others develop more for the community so it doesn’t die in the future. We’re all about innovating.”
  2. What should we expect on Aviate?
    “More surprises and big features will be coming to Aviate. We’ve just released a “creative” rank, alike trusted, for top contributors. More to come.”
  3. How long have you been working on Aviate?
    “I’ve been working on Aviate for 3 weeks now.”
  4. How would you rate Aviate out /10?
    “6/10 since we’re still doing renovations.”
  5. What made you choose the name “Aviate”?
    “Aviate means to go above and beyond. That’s my goal for this forum. To help others be innovative.”

Thank you Josh for answering all the questions! That’s all for today about Aviate! Thank you for reading my post and have a great day!



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