Avenir – future is just another word for today.


Avenir – future is just another word for today.

Avenir is a new forum based around CPPSes. It was released yesterday, with it being managed by two individuals – Dev321 and Raymond. We recently interviewed one of the administrators – Dev. Below is our interview with Dev321.

What do you plan to do next to the forums?

I plan on making it better for the community, so that it helps a lot of people and of course I’ll add a lot of features to the forum in the future. But for now my task is to build up a stable and safe community for everyone.

What inspired you to start a new forum?

I think the community needed a better forum where they would provide more support and they also want a helpful staff team to help them with their problems and stuff. So, I made the forum, thanks to Mark for the domain.

What should we expect from Avenir?

You all should expect a better and a safe community where people are always ready to help you and of course a better staff team too.

What made you choose the name Avenir and what does it mean?

The name Avenir means ‘future’ and the word Avenir is of french. I chose Avenir because I liked the name much better as the meaning is ‘future’ and we are the next forum that is going to be the future of the whole CPPS community.

Tell us more about Avenir.

Avenir is a forum based on CPPSes and of course other things too! Our main purpose is to build a great community to keep CPPSes alive and of course help people that are new to these kinds of things.

Avenir surely and truly has a lot of potential, and qualities to become a big forum, and make a change in the community! Let’s check the design, shall we?

Avenir uses the theme Ortem as its default, Ortem is a beautiful and extremely modern theme, but that’s not it, they have more themes.

They have choose some really good themes, and don’t worry, they will have more, now you may want to check out Avenir? Of course, check the links as shown here, you need to be a member before you may access the full forum, be sure to join Avenir’s discord for latest news and updates!

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