Aureus Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication!

Hi everyone,

Aureus has just announced today that they have rolled out Two-Factor Authentication across their forums.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) has become a universal staple in account security, with Aureus enforcing this security measure on their team, along with encouraging all forums members to take advantage of it too.

Today, we are excited to announce that we have updated the forum to include Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA operates on the principle that user authentication can occur in three ways:

1) something you know (a password)
2) something you are (fingerprint)
3) something you have (a phone)

With 2FA, you need two of these three factors to access your Aureus account: a password, and your phone. To enable 2FA, please click your name on the top right > Account settings > Account security.

Source: Announcing Two-Factor Authentication via Aureus

Aureus has made it extremely simple to activate 2FA on your account, by simply heading over to account security, and following the directed prompts.

Once enabled, your account is now secure!

Aureus has also noted that they will continually be updating the forums, and plan for the future. The future seems bright, with assistance from highly stable infrastructure that automates itself. With more information on that, Aureus has reached out with a statement, saying:

We’re continuing to consider ways to improve the user experience in the future. With some of the most stable and automated servers in the whole community, one option we are considering is providing a CDN backbone for user-uploaded Aureus content. This would allow for very quick and easy distribution of files, especially media servers, upload to the Aureus website. This is still under consideration.

Aureus has already rolled out a Network Status check, which displays the statuses for many of Aureus’ servers and services.

Although not all services have yet been finalized, you can view this page, here.

If you’re looking to join the moderation team, you’re in luck. Aureus has also recently opened up March applications, kicking off its hiring period for this month. Joining the Aureus team will equip you with amazing opportunities, and new skills. Aureus has spoken on this, with:

As a site with a continuin upwards trend and with plans for how we’re going to expand ourselves in the future, it’s clear that we’re going to grow into something great. As such being a mod can be a great opportunity for people to gain experience and management skills.

If you are looking to apply, simply head on over here.

If not already, we highly recommend joining the forums, as it can serve as a hugely useful resource which has become a remarkable place to post all kinds of useful content.

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  • There’s a problem.. i’m using Mozilla Firefox, and when i access it, it gives me this error code “MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_REQUIRED_TLS_FEATURE_MISSING”


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