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Hello here are some updates that have happened at AP

The Atlantic Penguin team are working hard adding new servers and languages, but more of the noticeable updates are the following:

-Custom rooms!

They’ve been promised, and they’re here! Some awesome new never-seen before rooms.


-Custom news-paper! Scrap that old ‘Penguin Times’ and replace it with Atlantic Penguin’s “Time”.


And of course a new map for the rooms!


And finally, a new interface. The interface has been designed to let you care for your puffles (which can be purchased from the pet shop). Of course you can still do everything you used to be able to, with additions such as the playercards selection tool. This allows you to select a playercard from the list; once you have selected one your playercard transforms into that mascot! Cool!

That’s all for now, in the meantime you can play Atlantic Penguin by clicking


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