Arrival of Club Pingu!

Greetings everyone,

Today I’ll be visiting Club Pingu, a new Club Penguin replacement owned by Lake and Marty. You might want to know more about it, am I right? Later in this post we’ll be getting right into all Club Pingu’s Cons and Pros! Lets first start with a quick, small interview with Marty.
1. What are your future plans for Club Pingu?
“I wanna grow the userbase and bring back the nostalgic feeling of Club Penguin in it’s glory days.  I want to have fun with the community bringing back the memories we once had”.
2. How long do you plan keeping Club Pingu up for?
“A very long time. I want memories to last as long as possible, while introducing new custom features along the way”.
3. Could you tell us what sort of events will Club Pingu be having?
“We will host custom parties for the users, some mascots may be there and we hope to introduce new games and events as time goes by”.
4. Is Club Pingu an AS3 or an AS2?
5. Is everything for free or have you got Membership or VIP?
“Membership is free on Club Pingu”.

Well, now that’s done, let’s get into some screenshots in-game,
Let’s talk about games, as of what I’ve heard of all games have been fixed and completely working, even card jitsu.
Exciting right? Many users play card jitsu nowadays, so it’s basically a simple gift wink wink. Well, enjoy.
Next, we’ll get onto a screenshot of Find Four working,
Well isn’t this cool? Shall we get onto some actual in-game snapshots? Well, let’s get to it!
Wow, check that out. It’s packed out there! Come and enjoy the fun! Beta was yesterday and now there are a few minor bugs to fix and everything should be set! There are people, actually right now having fun as well. This snip was taken a few hours ago!
Well, that should be enough for today, right? Let’s get some sleep and continue tomorrow!
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Signing out,
Rash/Zermias & George


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  • Hey just wanted to let you guys know that Lake and Marty are cyber-bullies, hackers, and flat out mean people. They threatened to dox one of their mods, which is why their discord was deleted. Just thought I’d put that out there.

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