Appendages’ Introduction

Hello Speedy Community!

Most of you probably don’t know me or know me under this alias. My name is Appendages, and my main goals are trying to update the community on new up-and-coming CPPSes, try to bring news on the CPPSes to your attention, and hear the various opinions on all the unique CPPSes in our community.

Since I’m new here, I’ll give you some information about myself. I’m currently a Freshmen, I’m 14 years old, born in Canada, currently residing in the United States of America. I can speak 2 languages fluently (English and Chinese), and right now I’m trying to learn Spanish. I’m trying to improve my writing and I feel like writing on Speedy will help me.

All in all, I am just really excited to be apart of the Speedy team, and part of the community in general. Hopefully I can inform you about everything that’s going on in all the CPPSes.

~Have a great week.



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