Another Sneak Peek: Cromo

Hey everyone,

Here is another sneak peek of Cromo which is making its comeback soon — today I am going to show you all of the Marry System on Cromo.


The cool thing about this on Cromo is that the status shows up on the top of your penguin’s background instead of how it normally shows up on most CPPS which is on the bottom — usually with an icon. I love this system because it’s different and unique. When you marry someone they can give you their nameglow, which makes the spouse name more visible on your penguin’s background. The text is also really big and fits perfectly on your penguin’s background. Another thing that makes the marry system different from other CPPSes is that when you marry someone, it puts your name under the person you marry. This is yet another reason to join Cromo.

Thanks y’all so much for reading this! I hope you join Cromo when it reopens because it has never before seen features. These are definitely reasons to join! ūüôā



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