An update on SourPenguin

omyhiAO.png SourPenguin was an AS2 CPPS that released early October 2015, founded by “Sour” also known as Noah and developed by “Kevin”. This CPPS didn’t have many original features but was loved by many.

In November, it is rumored that Killua hacked SourPenguin and made a moderator on SourPenguin go on a banning spree. Now, SourPenguin has encountered many threats such as DMCA threats and hack threats.

The owners Kevin and Sour were beginning to add more features, as this server frequently went down for updates.

On December 7th, SourPenguin tweeted out:

“SourPenguin will be backup as soon as possible.” [email protected]

But an action hasn’t been seen from SourPenguin since.

For more updates on SourPenguin, visit their Twitter here.

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