All CPPS Staff — Read This!

Hey everyone,

Jennifer here with a rather different post. If you moderate a CPPS, you should always stay alert. Many servers have had reports coming in as usual, and as we all know, many of our awesome CPPS staff deal with them greatly. But as of recently, issues have broken out being of users who would frame other people in hopes of getting them banned. There has been an issue going around of people making fake screenshots and sending them to moderators on servers. Every CPPS should be safe, and these type of users are people who tend to contribute to the downfall of this community.

If you moderate a CPPS and if you are reading this, always keep your eyes peeled just in case you are sent a screenshot being proof of someone harassing another user. I am not saying all screenshots are fake in a bad situation, but every once in awhile, you could have a situation of someone trying to frame another person. This also applies for all of the rules in general. Every user should not cause trouble on the game! Remember to follow the rules, no matter what CPPS it is you’re playing. Every player should have fun and not have to deal with bullies!

This was a rather short post, but it’s something I’ve noticed, and I thought you should all watch out for it! Remember, the main key to playing CPPSes is this: fun! I hope you enjoyed reading my rather different post!



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