A Whole New World


Let’s travel around the world for a second and imagine continents with so many places to visit like Europe, Australia, North America, South America, Antarctica, Africa, and Asia. Penguin World a new CPPS has opened its doors and they welcome you to come and experience their world and your penguin doesn’t have to travel far. Penguin World is an AS2 site that promises a good user experience. Owner Symfox and his development team have been hard at work to bring a CPPS that includes all the old games from Club Penguin. The staff monitors both the Discord site and in the game. Closed Beta is now opened and the Beta Party will be on April 25th.

Stay tuned because Penguin World will have special rooms for certain Parties held on the site at later dates. Penguin World also has a blog and a F.A.Q page to answer any questions a player may have about the site. The F.A.Q page is located at their Community Index https://community.penguinworld.pw/. As for security, the owner promises each player a secure site. The staff is both responsible and mature and there for each and every player. The classic games will return and all in development.

The screenshots above show the classic Ice Fishing game. Also, Sled Racing, Cart surfing, and Hydro Hopper will make its way to this server as well as the famous Card Jitsu.

Last but not least are some sneak peaks of PenguinWorld.

World traveling is tough so my tour ends and as always Bon Voyage Mateys.


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