Penguin Zone : An AS2 CPPS

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I’d like to welcome Penguin Zone to the CPPS Family! This  CPPS is a good CPPS from my perspective.

This CPPS has features and keeps them coming for you! Although the CPPS is small the more it grows the more friends you make!

Psst. There is a donator room for you who donate!

Come on down and give this CPPS a try. I highly recommend this CPPS to a true and dedicated CPPS Fan!

Some Features Penguin Zone Has:

  • New map and colors
  • The Sports Shop leads you to the facility
  • PSA is added when you’re penguin becomes 30 days old
  • Custom pins and items
  • New rooms
  • Some  custom mascots
A few images from the CPPS for a slight taste before indulging into these delicate features:
Custom SWF Map!

Mjjrrb giving me a tour:

Mountain Room:

Card JITSU Works Along with Fire, and Winter/Snow!


Thank's for taking time to read my articles! I am the type of person to write and game.

About Me: I have played CPPS/CP Since 2012, Yes, before Operation: Blackout "All Days" & Mycp.ps. I am a old timer and familiar with CPPS's


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