A New Account Optional Add-on has hit the CPPS.me Store!

First, it was NameGlow, then it was BubbleColor, then Speed and now…

Hi guys,

CPPS.me has recently revealed a brand new optional account upgrade to hit the store!

You think you’ve seen it all, and you possibly can’t think what this could be.. well CPPS.me has finally loosened the strings and unlocked some exclusive special items for sale!

Just like NameGlow, or Speed, this add-on must be purchased with real money, within the account manager. To begin with, CPPS.me has listed a starting total of 5 items to choose from, which are:

They sound cool, but what do they look like? Don’t worry! Speedy CPPSHQ has you covered.

Our newly updated CPPS.me Custom Item List now features these custom items, in blue (meaning that they are patched, but can be purchased via the account manager). The following custom items that can now be purchased, are:

Please do note, some of these items are in fact animated. So if you are the type of person who likes moving items, these will certainly float your boat.

When it comes to pricing, you can purchase all these items for a total of $7.99USD or $3.99USD for one item. We also note that prices are correct at the time of post publishing (March 12, 2017).

We have attached a table to refer to when purchasing x amount of items, along with its cost.

Amount of Items Cost (USD $)
1 Item $3.99
2 Items $4.99
3 Items $5.99
4 Items $6.99
All Items $7.99

We may be expected to see more special items to be added over time.

If you are wanting to feel a little more exclusive, feel free to purchase these items via the account manager, by logging in and heading to “Add Special Items“.

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