A Look Inside FrozenCPPS

Hola Amigos,

Its Lynx and today I’m going to be taking you on a small tour around FrozenCPPS. If you don’t know what this CPPS is, here’s a small description to get your mind jogged up:

FrozenCPPS originally started back in 2013, Frozen’s development came back to place late 2016. FrozenCPPS provides great stability, security and comes packed with features. Not only does FrozenCPPS have the best AS2 source to exist, but its the only source that has almost everything working.

Now moving on, yesterday I decided to create an account with Frozen


and decided to login immediately to check it out


Not only is Frozen cool but its also very decent and its brand new so I think its got plenty of room for improvement and I’m sure the Team is working hard on making the user experience a whole lot better for everyone. I was shocked to see one of the staff members online the moment I logged in and he immediately did something we all might remember from the past, using the PM System!


I then decided to waddle around the island and my favorite part of Frozen would be its rooms and the room that I did like this most is the Mountain Top also known as the Ski Hill to many. The color of the sky caught my eye because of its vibrancy and the bright stars adds that finishing touch to it, the Hill overall looks beautiful.


Now if you take a look at the map, you might notice it looks similar to that of Club Penguin’s but don’t get yourself caught up because its just modified to make it look like so and I love the fact that they’ve updated it to the latest. The map is very neat and works to perfection without any issues.


Moving on, they also have working igloos and who doesn’t love decorating their igloos!? And who doesn’t like hanging out at their igloos? Away from all the hustle and bustle. I would love if Frozen have updated catalogues and furniture’s but that as for now, isn’t really an issue because you can still use their commands !AF & !AIG to add Furniture’s and Igloos that aren’t available in the catalogues.


And speaking of commands, Frozen has a huge list of commands to offer right from Members to Staff and VIP. Take a look for yourself!



The VIP commands are only allowed for those who have purchased VIP from the Manager and its available for just 3$ only.


Speaking of the Manager, Frozen has a simple manager that not only allows you to buy VIP but as well provides you the ability to view information about your penguin, change your email & password and look up a fellow penguin and much more.






I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and hope y’all check out Frozen and give a shot at it.


Thanks for reading. Until next time, adios amigos!

~ Lynx/Neil.


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