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Hi guys,

Over at Speedy CPPSHQ.. we have noticed something unusual occurring on Mirai.

Mirai has dived into the social media sphere, directing the focus on a new campaign.


Mirai went straight to Twitter to announce this new movement. What could this entail? Only time will tell! But we strongly suggest you keep a close eye, this could be big.


The team has opened a new channel, which looks like it may be used for this new movement, and has been strongly interactive. It can be found here:

We have also spotted usernames floating around Mirai, titled ‘A Change Begins’ & ‘Change’, further linking to this campaign, lookout for them!


Also, Mirai has incorporated multiple social media accounts, which are featured below:

UPDATE: A video has been launched called ‘I Was Here’, which has a strong message on reminding you of the previous version of Mirai.

vector1View the video below:

What do you think this new campaign is about? Let us know in the comments.

In the meantime, follow along with the hashtag #AChangeBegins, and tell your friends… Mirai has something BIG planned. We’re really excited!


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