6 Tips For Oasis Snowball Fighter Novices

Fellow Snowball Throwers!

Sick and tired of always being beaten by the other penguins in the Oasis.PS snowball fights? Have you been throwing snowballs around at the Snow Forts for years, but haven’t ever actually learned the basic skills of the virtual snowball fight?

Well, wait no more! Today, I will share with you my tips on how to stop being a mediocre snowball fighter and to becoming an average (or if you’re lucky, a professional) snowball pumping machine.

Just to be safe…

Before I begin with my 6 incredibly awesome tips, I need to make sure you all know the basics of throwing these virtual snowballs. Unless you’ve been living under a bag of beans in the coffee shop for the past decade, you’ve probably learned that the best way of throwing snowballs quickly is by pressing the “T” character on your keyboard while aiming with your mouse. This can produce the much beloved “machine gun” effect of rapid firing your snowballs; much like Buddy the Elf from the movie, Elf.

But, as long as you understand that blatantly obvious fact in the Club Penguin Snowball world, then there might still be hope for you (might).

1. Get to Know Your Snowballs/Stats

It’s important that you understand the strength of each snowball so that you can accurately calculate and hypothesize the correct number of snowballs you need to use to take someone out. On top of that, understanding the point system will help maximize the amount of credits you earn.

According to Michael and Tybone, all snowballs that hit give you 10 credits.

Killing a user gives you +40 credits and a mark on your kill count.  Being hit or killed is -5 points for your player.

Below is the strength of each snowball. Remember that the average player has 100 health points.

Grey Snowball- 1 hit point

White Snowball- 5 hit points

Yellow Snowball- 10 hit points

Red Snowball- 15 hit points


Now that you know this getting more credits and kills should make way more sense.

2. Navigating The Credit Store

When you first start playing Oasis.PS, you get the following upon starting the game:

Of course, the natural response of anyone is to use up all the snowballs as quickly as possible (especially the missiles). My advice to you is to conserve them as much as possible. Save them until you get really good at the game and keep them as back-ups for when you are in a situation where you can win.

Missiles should be saved at all times. Currently, missiles can be purchased for 800 credits a piece; a tad pricey, but worth the havoc they can cause. They lock onto a penguin and deal an enormous amount of damage! Treat these as if they were the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

Since snowballs can be pricey in the credit store, picking the correct ones to buy and conserving them is important! In my opinion, only purchase the maximum amount of a kind of snowball. The maximum amount is the best deal credit-wise, and you get a ton of snowballs with the purchase!

Additionally, it is wise to stock up on health benefits as well. Every penguin starts out with a default health of 100. Any health upgrade you buy will forever stack up your health by however many points advertised.

With the later tips, size decreasing and (especially) transparency don’t make as much sense as stocking up on snowballs or health points. Make sure you manage your credits and save them up so that you can buy a lot when you’re in desperate need of some heavy artillery!

3. Move Around Constantly!

Yes, this one might seem obvious, but you would be surprised to find how many people think that staying in one spot or in one room in the map is a good idea. The majority of players that play the snowball game all seem to find themselves locked mainly to the room with the two hollowed-out trees.

Unfortunately, you cannot move and throw at the same time, so have your target ready (press t) as you run around so that you can rapid fire as soon as you have to stop.

Additionally, do not stay in a room with a complete blood fest going on (unless you have the proper ammo, of course)! There are six rooms in total to fight in, and there are usually one or two people in the less popular rooms. If you are the target of someone in the snowball massacre, leave the room, and come back while that person is distracted with somebody else!

4. Improve Your Accuracy

Being able to dodge snowballs is a piece of cake and having amazing accuracy and standing still is easy enough as well; however, putting dodging and throwing snowballs accurately together can be tough even for a novice snowball thrower. It’s true that it is safest to stay farther away from snowball throwers so that you can dodge their snowballs as you see them coming.

Likewise, if everyone is moving around as soon as they see a snowball coming their way, how on Earth are we going to be able to hit the better-than-average players?

This might seem contrary, but standing right next to someone- I mean really close to somebody can actually improve the number of snowballs that hit a player. Think about it like this: the less distance that the snowball has to travel, the less likely a player will be able to dodge it.

This works especially well if you’re looking for a way to not waste your yellow and red snowballs. Make sure that you always circle the player so that they have to keep changing their target area. If they are focused on you, then they are certainly not focused on moving.

If they do move, you can chase after them, or move to a different person that is standing in one spot for awhile! You can rack up BIG points this way, and you are guaranteed to last longer.

5. Camping

There are not many times when I think it’s appropriate to camp. Most shooting games frown upon on it. Even though I fervently believe that the best snowball fighter has to move around constantly, camping can be quite the useful tactic to employ.

The hollowed-out trees are begging for someone to camp in them. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a day without someone hiding in the tree chucking snowballs during the war. Unlike real trees, these do not offer any actual cover; unless you have a giant collection of red snowballs at your disposal, you will most likely be forced to move or be killed within the next minute.

My advice is simple: get inside one of these trees when no one else is in the room or when no one else is paying attention! Then, you could either:

  • Wait patiently for someone to enter the room OR
  • Wait for a battle to happen, and then strike out of nowhere!

Once people start throwing snowballs at your hiding spot, then the gig is up and you have to move!

Other than the trees, utilizing the top or edges of the map can prove to be effective. Oasis user Glam noted that people usually use their eyes to look for penguins, and it will cause them to stop their assault and look for you. Once again, if they come towards you or start firing, get out of there pronto!

6. Keep Track of the Other Players

This last tip is vital if you want to have any chance of getting the credit for killing a penguin. As the fight is going on, watch which penguins die and which penguins do not die. The latter is most important if you want that kill glory. If you know that someone has been alive for awhile, nine times out of 10 that means they have very low health.

Another thing to keep in mind is the team aspect of the game. While the majority of players either don’t care enough to form a team or like the aspect of an all-out free-for-all, you will most likely run into a team at some point. Usually, teams consist of players all dyed a matching color (other than black). If you come across a team, be careful about them all targeting you at once. Here’s an example of what a team might look like:

Oasis user Douglastate advises that you, “gather all of your friends onto a team so that you can get more people. Teams make it more fun!” Douglastate told me. Being on a team means having to monitor fewer players and having people that you can rely on. But be careful who you have on your team; some people love to go rogue!

In Conclusion

This game is meant to be fun! It’s a game that is an alternative to just sitting around and talking. It’s a game that allows you to spam the bejesus out of your friends or frenemies. It’s a game that you can make up your own tips for!

I hope this article has given you a tip or two on how to improve your snowball gaming experience. If you have any more tips for the snowball game, feel free to leave them in the comments below. If you see me in-game, try and throw a red snowball my way! 😉

That’s all for now. See you on the flippity-flop!



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