200th Post! + Olympic updates!

Hello guys,

This is Speedy CPPSHQ’s 200th post on this blog! Fantastic work authors for making this many posts! Our next goal is 1,000 posts. If we reach 1,000 posts there will be a massive surprise and of course celebrations!

The final stages of Olympics setup is underway, the advertisement have all been finished, as you may see on the right of your screen, this will show you a few more activities and pictures of events.

Some of you may have read the mini-sidebar Olympic news, and you may already know of what I had to say, here it is if you have’t noticed it:

“Speedy Cppshq Olympics starting sometime this week! All Olympic designs will need to be submitted by Wednesday. Due to the scheduling, we have slight problems. The timezones will not work out well as it was planned, as events will be on at extremly early and late times in your country, so there might not be schedules, and events will be called out on the blog. Finally, everyone involved in the Olympics will be needed in a important final meeting, anytime you see me on the shoutbox this week only! We are also going into Olympic Lockdown mode in the next few days. Please stay tuned for more updates as it comes! “

Sadly we won’t be having schedules, due to the time in-inconstant. So ALL events will be called out on the blog. If you do want to help release events to everyone, please contact me on the chats, and I can then tell you when to do so! ( I need all names by tomorrow)

The Olympic Designs are slowly wrapping up, so I need all designs also by tomorrow (the latest Friday) We actually do need more designs, the blog will be decorated with all your designs, and cpps’ that contribute and sponsored blogs will have them up to.

Sponsored blogs

If you own a blog (Weebly, WordPress, Anything) or a website, this next part is for you.

How would you like to be sponsored with Speedy CPPSHQ Olympic Games? You r blog will obviously be advertised here to our hundreds of daily visitors, with your links displayed in the sidebar/posts. If you own blogs (it can be more than one) simply tell us who owns it, and your links, and we will put you on our ‘sponsors’ page, and also put your blogs details in the sidebar. It return, you must also support our Olympics. Become a sponsor of Speedy Cppshq’s Olympics!


WOO! We have a new committee officially released, this committee is called the “Photography Committee”. Your main job is to take screenshots of events happening during our Olympics, at the end of each day or the end of the Olympics, you must then send the photos to admin. An easy way of doing this:

  1. Open up Notepad
  2. Name is “Olympic Photos”
  3. Every-time you take a screenshot, upload it by getting the link, and paste the link in the notepad document.
  4. At the end of the Olympics, copy all the links you have saved in the notepad document, and paste it on the Chatango shoutbox.
  5. admin will then look at each photo, and save them to his computer.
  6. All the photos will be collaborated onto a page, called the “Olympic Hall Of Fame”. This page will stay up for the remainder of your time here.

You will be remembered forever.

Tip for the Photography committee: Don’t just take serious photos, you can even take photos of funny things you see them doing.

You need to have some sort of screenshot taking software installed. (I strongly recommend Lightshot)

Who would like to join this new committee? I’m taking names now, comment.


I totally forgot about our medals, we will be using Cheerios’ medals, which he has posted somewhere ( I will find) before. I may need assistants helping me edit these medals to mark names and countries on them.

These Olympics is an extremely large task. No release date has been marked yet, as we haven’t had our staff meetings yet.

To everyone involved in the Olympics: Anytime you see me on the chats, please speak to me, I will tell you all the information you need for our Olympics.

Note: Iv’e already heard people talking about our Olympics on CPPS’ (How exciting!)

Kind Regards,

  • admin



    • Hi Snow! I’m really sorry, I forgot to tell you about The Olympics. Yes authors can compete.
      If you don’t know what’s happening here is a brief:
      Speedy CPPSHQ will be having our own Olympic Games, this will be very similar to the real Olympics as we will also be having a opening and closing ceremony. Each day we will have Olympic Events, such as: Racing on cpps’, Timed hide ‘n seek, soccer etc. All events will be taken place on various cpps’, and if the involved writing, they may be held on the shoutbox. We have our own medal tally (just like the real Olympics) Every time somebody wins a event, they will also win a ‘virtual medal’ (which is a picture of a medal with your name) for their country, and that will be tally-ed on the medal tally.

      We also have ‘Olympic Committees’, these are groups of people who help in some way in our Olympics. For example: The Organising committee – Organises events for the Olympics.
      All staff can also take part in events to try to earn medals for their country.
      When the Olympics begin, there will be a rush of new visitors, so all blog staff can post about events, and also results.
      Our Olympics will begin with an opening ceremony, there will be official openings, and everyone should be wearing the pin of their country’s flag. It will end with a closing ceremony which will be a massive celebration.
      The blog will be changed over the two weeks, and restored back to normal afterwards.
      If you have any further comments, please notify me.


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