Flippr Release!

Aye Penguins!

The new Flippr has finally released!  This morning Flippr’s official Twitter announced their release for later today.  Flippr has many new features including, new emotes, a custom catalogue, and custom puffles.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.53.59 PM

Right now when you log in, all of the extras are free including custom items, just click the ‘F’  in the top right corner of your screen to edit the colours as well as use the tools or reset your password. You can even choose your species! They have their own news system that they have up and running called ‘The Flippr Post’ where you can even submit questions.  They have an ‘Ask Teddy’ section of the Paper where you submit your questions.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.57.41 PM

Most of the games are up and running and you can earn prizes.  You can become a tour guide and help users who need it.   There are custom rooms including a western iceberg and an under water cafe, which you can access from the forest.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.27.38 PM  Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.29.15 PM

While I was on, I can say that people were having fun and enjoying the new Flippr,  everyone seemed kind including the moderators.  The fun just continued when the mascot ‘Rookie’ showed up.  Everyone seems to be enjoying Flippr,  and their updates!  You can register here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.33.41 PM

I hope to see you waddle on!


Your Say: CPPS.me

Hey guys!

I’ve selected two penguins to be featured in CPPS.me’s Your Say. The users who I selected were Help, and Candyyy. They were very enthusiastic participants, and we’d like to thank them for their time giving their honest opinion about CPPS.me!


Person 1 – Help

1. How long have you been playing CPPS.me?
I have been playing .me for an unconditional number of days , my account lists 1573 days.

2. What is your favorite feature on CPPS.me?
My favorite feature is probably private chat.

3. What is the one thing that you dislike about CPPS.me?
The one thing I dislike about cpps.me is how private chat is buggy & sometimes stops working.

4. How often do you visit CPPS.me?
I visit CPPS.me everyday.

5. Do you play any other CPPS’, besides CPPS.me regularly?
No I do not.


Person 2 – Candy

1. How long have you been playing CPPS.me?
I’ve been playing CPPS.me for 1196 days.

2. What is your favorite feature on CPPS.me?
My favorite feature on CPPS.me is having the ability to say whatever you want. 

3. What is the one thing that you dislike about CPPS.me?
I dislike when the Moderators are unfair and abuse their power.

4. How often do you visit CPPS.me?
I play 2 0r 3 times a week.

5. Do you play any other CPPS’, besides CPPS.me regularly?
No I do not.

Thank you to both Help and Candyyy for answering with their honest feedback. More CPPS.me Your Say’s will be posted in the future, this will not be the only one. To read other CPPS Your Say’s, Click here!

– Abu

Service Checks: Refresh


Here at Speedy CPPSHQ, we like to take on new feedback & criticism, and would like to announce our renewed Service Checks, which we have given a lot of thought into.

Due to recent events, we were forced to review the current guidelines and create massive changes in the way a CPPS is assessed. The new guidelines as follows:

  • A newly released server will not be checked if does not state it is out of the development/testing stage – We understand some servers may not be equipped with a full team yet, so we understand that the staff on may be busy with development on the server, so we will not check the CPPS until it is out of it’s beta/testing stage. This applies to any CPPS that specifically does not house moderators, such as CPMV servers.
  • AFK penalties scrapped – We understand sometimes a moderator may go AFK for a certain time period. We have decided that it may be unfair to fail a moderator if they are AFK for longer than 10 minutes, so we have removed the penalty in full. If a moderator is online & are afk, the assessor may wait until the moderator has returned or conduct the check at another time.
  • PASS/FAIL scrapped – We will not judge the CPPS by a PASS or FAIL basis, but instead now include it’s percentile rating.
  • Developers cannot be tested – We will only leave the Service Checks open for moderators.

If an assessor is unable to find a moderator online, throughout the month, a Service Check for that CPPS will not be made, and the CPPS will be skipped for the following month.

As for checks, we have reverted back to our 4 original categories which are:

  • Helpfulness – Was the moderator helpful in assisting the user?
  • Friendliness – Did the moderator act in a friendly manner?
  • Accuracy – Was what the moderator said accurate and match information noted on their website?
  • Dedication – Did the moderator go above & beyond and was dedicated in helping the user?

Now our main change,

We have adjusted the way Service Checks are made, with a improved reviewing method.

Each month, a CPPS will be service checked a total of 3 times, each check will be saved and added to the same post, so we can view a Service Check on 3 different occasions. Once all 3 service checks are conducted, the post will then be published, and an overall rating can be made.

Here are some important notes into regards to this new method:

  • The same author can not do more than  1/3 Service Checks for that given CPPS, all 3 authors who do the check on that CPPS must be different.
  • To remain anonymous, all three service checks will be published under the author “Speedy CPPSHQ”. This will further remove an authors name on the post, so no direct action by the CPPS to that author is made.
  • A CPPS requires to have 3 Service Checks completed by the end of the month, if less, the post will not be published until the CPPS has 3. This can moreover be rolled over to the next month.

We have now reworked the Marking Criteria, to fit in with the new guidelines, which can be seen below:

0-1 The moderator was rude. The moderator showed no signs of friendly behavior. 
2-3 – The moderator was somewhat friendly. The moderator showed some signs of being friendly towards the user, but should improve.
4-5The moderator was friendly. The moderator was sound in friendliness, although they can take further steps to improve.
6-7The moderator was very friendly. The moderator acted in a very friendly manner towards the user, good work!
8-10 – The moderator was extremely friendly. The moderator was highly friendly to the user, and showed clear signs that they are capable of achieving high marks in this category.

0-1 The moderator was not helpful. The moderator showed no signs of being able to assist the user.
2-3 – The moderator was somewhat helpful. The moderator assisted the user in someways, but was unable to fulfill the rest.
4-5The moderator was helpful. The moderator assisted the user, but can take further steps in improving their responses.
6-7The moderator was very helpful. The moderator assisted the user to a good extent, and has answered all of the users questions.
8-10 – The moderator was extremely helpful. The moderator assisted the user in a very high manner, showcasing that they have the right traits to successfully assist a user.

0-1 The information provided by the moderator was inaccurate. The information did not match any information on the website, and is seen as inaccurate.
2-3 – The moderator was somewhat accurate. The moderator provided the user with accurate answers, in someways, but was still lacking details.
4-5The moderator was accurate. The moderator provided accurate responses, but should improve on reading parts of the website to gain a better understanding of the CPPS.
6-7The moderator was very accurate. The moderator assisted the user to a good extent, and has provided accurate answers to all of the users questions.
8-10 – The moderator was extremely accurate. The moderator provided little to no errors in answers provided. 

0-1 The moderator was not dedicated. The moderator showed no signs of dedication towards the user.
2-3 – The moderator was somewhat dedicated. The moderator showed some signs of dedication towards the user, but could improve.
4-5The moderator was dedicated. The moderator was sound in dedication, although they can take further steps to improve, by asking further questions.
6-7The moderator was very dedicated. The moderator acted in a very dedicated manner towards the user, good work!
8-10 – The moderator was extremely dedicated. The moderator was extremely dedicated to the user, and showed clear signs that they are capable of asking further questions, until the point of when the user didn’t require further assistance. 

Each category will be scored on the following:

  • Friendliness/10 points
  • Helpfulness/10 points
  • Accuracy/10 points
  • Dedication/10 points

Once wrapped, the check will be added together and be rated out of a total of of 40 points. The rating will then be converted to percentage form. At the end of all 3 checks on a CPPS, an overall average of all 3 checks will then be calculated, and will result in an overall average score out of 40 and overall average percentage for the CPPS’ Service rating. Below is an example:

A CPPS scored the following:

  • Service Check 1: 39/40 (97.5%)
  • Service Check 2: 17/40 (42.5%)
  • Service Check 3: 20/40 (50%)

An overall average score for the CPPS (the mean) will result in: 25/40 which is 62.5% for their overall average rating for that month.

This new system is seen to be more fairer on servers and be more affective in assessing the server being tested, as the checks are conducted on multiple occasions by different authors.

On another note, both Service Checks for Matt’s CPPS & CPPS.pw have been revoked and will kick off next month under our new system.

Have any feedback? Let us know!


What You Might Have Missed: Cpps.me!

Aye Penguins!

Many updates and awesome new features have been added to Cpps.me since we have last made a post on the site. So if you haven’t been logging on, or you just didn’t notice it, here is what you might have missed!

First off we have clothing.  Now, Cpps.me has always been known for it’s custom clothing. Whether it be bringing in brands such as Nike, or re-colouring items like the black scarf. But recently they have gone above and beyond, bringing in items that are newer and better than ever!  Some of these items include, the Vans hoodie, the galaxy hoodie, the light pink hoodie, and the Starbucks coffee; and that is barely even scratching the surface of the new items they have.  Be sure to log on and see the rest of the items they have to offer!

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.08.22 PM

Secondly we have their new punishment system for minor rules that are broken.  It’s a jail, how this works is if you break a small rule such as abusing the help system, you will be sent to jail for a few hours.  Your penguin is not able to leave the room.  All in all, it’s a lighthearted way to make sure you don’t break the rules again.


Next we have POTW (Penguin Of The Week).  For POTW, it is cpps.me recognizing it’s kind helpful users in two penguins that will be posted on their blog weekly.  To earn this you must be an active helpful penguin, coming up with ideas and participating in events around the island.

And finally we have mod badges.  In past years Cpps.me has used the classic member system to signify mod, one stripe being for trial mod, three stripes being for mod, four stripes for head mod, and a star for being an admin.  But recently they have changed it.  Members will still have the same badge, but as for staff members, you can hover over their icon with your mouse if you are confused.  They even have a badge for their official bots now!

That’s about all the latest on Cpps.me, I hope to see you on staying out of jail and enjoying the custom items!  Have fun logging on.


Pengur’s Store has launched!

Hey everyone!

As of the 25th, Hagrid announced on Twitter that Pengur’s new store was introduced! In Pengur’s new store, using your in game ‘diamonds’, you can purchase and customize your own nameglow, namecolor, ring texture, and bubblecolor! To earn diamonds to purchase these items, you can play a variety of games around the island. Be sure to save up, as these are some really cool additions!


Once purchased, you’d click your penguin’s icon in the top right of your screen once again, and choose the settings option. Once this menu is present on your screen, to edit the items you just bought, click ‘Edit Store Items’.


Once you’ve clicked ‘Edit Store Items’, the bottom portion of this menu will alter, and give you three options. You’ll be given the option to change the color of your namecolor, nameglow, and bubblecolor. Once you’ve purchased the item from the store, you’ll be able to edit the color. For anyone who doesn’t purchase any of the features, you’ll still be given the same three options, yet unable to use them (this picture is an example of what the menu would look like without purchasing any of the features).


Interested in Pengur? You can register/play by clicking here! Well, that’s all for me everyone. Hope to see you in my next post, peace!


CPPS.IO The Successor of ComplusCP

As some of you may know, the CPPS ComplusCP went down for “changes” a few days back.

Hello, users & staff. We would just like to notify you that ComplusCP will be going under some big changes and improvements. 

We will be back soon within the next few days! Thanks for sticking with us! If you’re bored, there’s a xat chat box below to chat in!

-ComplusCP Team~ From Compluscp.com

The team for Complus ultimately decided on making a new CPPS, but kept the old database for the users sake, ComplusCP will be coming back but under CPPS.IO, with more features and much more to come, their release date is set for next Sunday on the 1st of May and if you liked Complus then I’m certain you’ll like CPPS.IO, I am very excited for it’s release and personally can’t wait.

Again, if you had account on ComplusCP before, it’ll still be there, all V.I.P’s on Complus will also be V.I.P on CPPS.IO.

The features haven’t been shown yet but try to have fun guessing!

Coming Sunday the 1st of May.

The register is open if you’d like to register 🙂

Home/Register/CPPS.IO Twitter/Official Countdown

(Make sure to follow the CPPS.io official Twitter account for updates!)

If you have any other concerns then you can contact them at their email:

[email protected]

As for now, they will be looking for staff, not much else is known about that yet though, more information is to come.


Aye! -Ana

Aye CPPS penguins!  I’m Ana, and I’m one of the new authors here at Speedy!  I’ll keep my introduction short and sweet.

As you guys already know, my name is Ana or as most people refer to me as, Anabanana.  I am very introverted and quiet when you first get to know me, but as I get more comfortable I tend to open up more.  I’m a total fangirl and I hate the internet yet I’m obsessed with the internet.  On my free time, most of the time you can find me with my nose in a book.  Besides reading I love being active and spending time in nature. I also enjoy watching Youtube and Netflix.  I’m absolutely ecstatic to start here at Speedy and I have a feeling you will be seeing many more posts from me!



Greetings! -Abu

Hello guys! My name is Abu, and I have the privilege to write as an author for SpeedyCPPSHQ! I’ve had many roles in the CPPS community as a past moderator for Matt’s CPPS and OldCP, and current Administrator for OldCP and CPPScreator. A few things that I like to do in my off-time:

  • Ice Hockey
  • Video Games
  • Web Development (learning)
  • Play and evaluate CPPS’

I am excited to work for Speedy, and more than happy to bring you guys the best content possible. Thanks!


I’m back! -Yoyo

Hello, everyone! I’m Yoyo, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work for the wonderful team here at SpeedyCPPSHQ! Some of you may remember me from previous posts, but I am back this time, and you will get to see more posts from me! If we haven’t met before, here are some cool facts about me!

  • I used to moderate for big CPPS such as Flippr, and iPenguin!
  • I have been a part of the CPPS community since 2013!
  • My hobbies include drawing, graphic design, and bike riding!
  • I am the founder of Pengur

Thanks for reading, and have a great day! We appreciate you guys, our readers for your support. Thanks for always tuning in, and we hope that you’ll keep coming back!



Howdy everyone!

My name is Tom, and I’m very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work for Speedy! I’ve been in the community since early 2012, and used to moderate small servers here and there, as well as owning a few of my own. One server in particular that I remember administrating was SnailCP, I was hired in early February and administrated until it closed. I’m currently dedicated to one server, Mirai. I’ve been a player on the server since late December. I love to talk with others, and make new friends. Outside of the computer, I’m usually either writing, playing basketball, or reading. That’s pretty much it for me, I’ll be posting as much as I can, so I’ll see you in my next post!


Your Say: Matt’s CPPS

Hey everyone,

Today I went on to Matt’s CPPS and asked two random players if they wanted to be featured on a Your Say for Speedy CPPSHQ. The two players selected were April and George5562. Thank you both very much for participating in this Your Say, voicing your opinion is always a great thing to us here over at SCPPSHQ! Now, let’s see what both of these users had to say.

Person 1 – George5562

1. How long have you been playing Matt’s CPPS?
I have been playing for about a year, I stopped playing for a while however I recently came back. I have been playing for about a month since I have came back.

2. What is your favorite feature on Matt’s CPPS?
I love the customization! You have the ability to edit the color of your name, buy add-ons, and many other awesome customization features! I also enjoy listening to the radio, I feel that the radio is a nice touch that draws users to the CPPS.

3. What is the one thing that you dislike about Matt’s CPPS?
I dislike that users are allowed to swear, I feel that swearing gives a bad impression on the CPPS. I think swearing should be banned from the CPPS.

4. How often do you visit Matt’s CPPS?
I visit Matt’sCPPS for a few hours, daily. I come home and play for a few hours. I usually can play longer on the weekends. I enjoy spending time with an amazing and humble community!

5. Do you play any other CPPS’, besides Matt’s CPPS regularly?
I do play a few others, I usually spend my time on Matt’sCPPS. If I play any other CPPS, I usually play Oldcp.pw.

Person 2 – April

1. How long have you been playing Matt’s CPPS?
I have been playing Matt’s CPPS for 2 years now.

2. What is your favorite feature on Matt’s CPPS?
My favorite feature is the radio.

3. What is the one thing that you dislike about Matt’s CPPS?
I dislike the mean people on it.

4. How often do you visit Matt’s CPPS?
I visit every day.

5. Do you play any other CPPS’, besides Matt’s CPPS regularly?
No, I only play this CPPS.

Loving your feedback, you two! This isn’t the only Your Say we’ll be doing on Matt’s CPPS, so keep your eyes open whenever you join us on the website! We will try to do a Your Say at least every 2 weeks or so. All Your Say‘s will be stored here.


Urgent: Authors Needed!

Hi guys,

We’re at that time again when we’re looking for new authors!

Due to the urgent demand for authors, you may apply differently, with the following:

  • Your name or online name.
  • Age (minimum 13).
  • Why you would be a good author.
  • Tell us how active you will be with posts.
  • Skype (to be added into the staff communication chat).

You can email [email protected] with your applications, from there we will begin hiring a team of dedicated authors within the next 24-72 hours. You will be contacted by email and Skype.

If you have been thinking about joining us for a while, this may your best opportunity. When selecting authors, we look more on how active you will be, along with a decent way to deliver CPPS news to a large audience.

We’re throwing out the books and making on the spot decisions from the applications sent to us, where we are looking to hire an additional team of 6-7 members.

Good luck!

CPPS News delivered differently. Apply Now!

Flippr: Unexpected Delays

UPDATE: I was just directly messaged by Flippr’s Twitter to inform everyone that their estimated release date is April 29th. They are planning to release by Saturday being the latest, so keep your eyes open!

Hey guys,

As we all know, Flippr was supposed to release to the public 2 days ago. Unfortunately, upon checking their Twitter account, they have made a tweet that they cannot release for another few days. Of course, many people were disappointed when they saw these tweets. Hopefully it won’t take the people over at Flippr that long to squash the bugs that were causing them problems, and maybe we can log on sooner than we think! –

As you can see, they did not set a date for their release like they did before. Maybe this is for the better, because they did have a bunch of annoying, pesky bugs come in at the very last minute. They did manage to release the site for a few minutes on April 22nd, but many users reported it was broken. The register was up in the short time being, so if you registered, then that’s great! Based off of what I have heard, I don’t think anyone was able to log on to the CPPS in those few minutes.

Wait, so I registered… Jennifer, are they going to delete my account?!

Why would they? This should be an obvious answer — no. They will not delete any registered accounts. I checked the Twitter to see this –

Well, that’s a relief! If you haven’t already made an account, waiting is the only option at this moment. The people over at Flippr are working very hard, so please be patient — until then, keep your hopes and excitement up! For any updates, be sure to follow and check out their Twitter during this short period of time. Check out their website at Flippr.eu!

Until then,



Hey Fellow Penguins,

I’m here to show you guys CPPS.pw —  it’s still under development, yet they decided to release early to let us go on and have fun! This CPPS is a brand new one, created by Ben_ and Creek, and boy do they have a lot to offer on such a small yet already successful CPPS.

Of course, CPPS.pw is still in testing, and will be for a little longer. This CPPS has special features, and I think you should register right away so you get the luxury to these features in the meantime!

So Jennifer, what exactly are the special features? Do we get to keep them forever?

Let me explain. As of right now, when you join CPPS.pw, you get to have nameglow, bubblecolor, and more! Even as a normal player, with the special features you can change your snowball color, your penguin’s transparency, your speed, and a lot more as well! –

I myself have asked Ben_ about the special features currently being given out on the game, and about being a beta tester, and this is the response I have received –

If a player is registered before we announce that CPPS.pw is officially open (which will be done on our twitter) then they are technically a “beta tester”, we are currently discussing whether to let beta testers keep the premium features that are currently free.

Cool! What about staff positions?

We are currently looking for a flash designer and a handful of moderators, we’re looking out for people who can speak languages aside from English that apply for moderator positions, people can submit applications to [email protected]

Ben_ certainly did have a lot to say about his amazing creation of a CPPS. Get yourself excited, this CPPS has so much to offer as it is already! Let’s check out a chunk of the commands on the command page –

That’s not even all of it –

Along with these amazing commands, please note that some do not work yet. CPPS.pw has a little more fixing to do, but they should be good soon! Coming from myself, I can also say that the players on CPPS.pw are very friendly, so I don’t think you should worry about too many issues on the game. The staff so far are also super dedicated and happy to help out whenever it’s needed, so that’s yet another reason to play!

They are not even out of beta testing yet and I have been told that not only will custom rooms come if they find a flash designer, but also custom items! The CPPS seems to be more based off of the old Club Penguin, so if you’re into that, come on down! I highly suggest this CPPS as it is! You can also register through the login page! Come and join the fun!

Home | Register/Play



Mirai Community Chat

Hi guys,

I’d like to introduce you all to something completely innovative and new within the CPPS community. The CPPS community is all about creating connections, meeting new people, and innovating interactions. So we have stumbled across a new way to tackle these goals, by extending what a CPPS offers, more intimately & safely into your lives.

Introducing Discord.

What is Discord?
Discord is a chat, with a difference. Nowadays, almost everyone has a Kik, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Xat etc account, which you would create and use to simply communicate with your other CPPS friends. With these platforms, especially Skype, there is some degree of danger you may face, with a person conducting an attack to gain personal data from you. This is where Discord is different. Imagine being cast into a massive group chat, where you can @mention other participants, share images & gifs, earn ranks, let loose on your favorite emotes & is moderated by a professional CPPS moderation team. You’ve arrived at Discord.

With Discord, there are endless possibilities! You can meet new friends which you may have never spoken to before, dwell deeper into conversations which you may have never been able to on CPPS’, interact and mess around with the useful bot, and create bonds with people which can then fix within your daily routine.

Now you understand the rundown on what this amazing social media platform offers, you can now see it in practice.

The Mirai staff have organised a Discord channel of their very own. This channel offers a wide range of extra facilities, which will help cater for out-of-hours, where a moderator may not be online.

Need to contact a moderator asap? Simply @mention a moderator in your message, and a moderator will receive a notification on their devices, to quickly solve your issue!

help 1

The team has also implemented several channels. We not only cater for English speakers, but if you speak Spanish, you can simply join the #mirai-espanol channel!

help 2

The team has also allocated a special channel for #announcements where you can catch all the important news, fast, which will be posted by the Mirai staff.

help 3

Along with the useful functions of this chat, there are many fun ways to enjoy your time on it. You can send a wide variety of emoji’s to choose from, along with extra fun add-on’s like sending gifs (to showcase your reaction) along with auto-embedding YouTube videos, screenshots and website information!

help 5

Along with the basic tools, a bot has been added to extend these features and offer a even larger range of things to do! You will never have an awkward silence, and will be kept engaged for hours on end. Plan a meetup on a CPPS, share your favorite YouTube video, show off some screenshots or engage in the latest news, this chat has you covered in all ways.


Discord has become one of the most easiest to use chats you could ever come across, and offers a mountain of features which is ever expanding, making this community connection within the chat, very strong.

There is a large variety of methods on how to access the chat. Making it available to be downloaded or just accessed via a web browser. Let’s walk you through the main methods of accessing discord.

1. Access via Web Browser

If you do not want to download Discord, or download it on your devices, and just want to use it as any average chat, you can by simply visiting a URL, and choosing a username. You will stay logged in under that username until your session expires, although you can easily create an account which can be used to login to the chat every time.

To access the chat, you can visit the following URL which will direct you to the chat: http://www.speedycppshq.com/miraichat/

white client

Once logged in, you can begin chatting away! If you plan on using the account, click on ‘Claim Account‘ at the top bar, and enter in a email address & password. Please make sure the email address is valid, you will use that to login.

2. Download Desktop Version

You can also download discord and have a desktop client (like how Skype has a client). The downloadable version allows you to receive push notifications, along with a whole range of extra features which the browser client doesn’t. Once logged into your account, simply click on the “+” on the left side pane, to join a server.


Once selected, enter in this URL in the join bar: https://discordapp.gg/0xO4tEabf2bjZYdq

3. Smart Phone or Tablet

If you’re planning to use Discord on a device, on how you would typically use Kik or Skype, you sure can!

Simply search ‘Discord’ on your app store, and download the free app. Or, you can find the download via the downloads section of their website: https://discordapp.com/download


Simply hit install, and the prompts are the same as the desktop client.

Once logged in, enter in this URL in the join bar: https://discordapp.gg/0xO4tEabf2bjZYdq 

Note: If you have already connected your account to the #mirai server on a computer, it will automatically show on your smart device.

Remember: You can stay logged on, on multiple devices, including on both your desktop and smart device!

You’re connected! Every time you access the app, desktop client or log in via your browser, you will be able to see the #Mirai chat, and be able to continue where you left off.

The chat has been in full function for the past two days, and near to 100 users have already taken the opportunity to try out this brand new chat, and are loving it! So much that Speedy CPPSHQ has grasped the idea, and sponsored it, offering easier custom URLs for access to this community chat.

The chat is split into ranks, with Staff who moderate the chat, and selected Helpers to assist anyone who is having issues in regards to the chat, or having difficulties on Mirai. The chat also offers a Bots rank which will feature a bot that anyone within the chat can access, the bot commands are extensive with many fun activities you can conduct!

You can customize the chat in a variety of methods, with certain aspects you can mute, customize the appearance to a light or dark look, add + private message friends, and even create your very own servers, which you can manage. All offline members will also even feature in the user list of the chat, so you can see who has access to the #mirai channel. The possibilities are endless!

The most important aspect that we find in this chat, and we love, is how safe & secure this is. Unlike Skype, nobody is able to gain any personal sensitive data from you, and is specially there to ensure your security at it’s finest. You can reject friend requests & even block people, just like any other social networking sites. If you like to have a voice call, you can easily setup a voice channel, although the #mirai chat has voice default as off, and may only be used at rare occasions, if enough demand of users wanting to join it.

An important aspect of this chat is how users can connect with one another. You can easily create bonds, talk to users you may have never spoken to before which can help improve relationships. Just alone, for the past day, I have personally witnessed new bonds form, and the creation of a much brighter communication method which can extend from a general CPPS.

The chat can feature almost any style of discussion. Even though it is a Mirai chat, you can talk about any CPPS you desire, or other things that don’t even relate to a CPPS! The rules are loose within the chat, and foundation rules are only set to protect everyone within the chat, so keep that discussion flowing!

The innovation made by the Mirai staff, is simply wanting to learn and engage more from our users. Creating bonds and friendships, along with having a sense of duty, to offer assistance to our users at almost every point of the day (yes even at 4am when you can’t sleep at night), there is usually someone always on the chat, so join in the discussion!

Quick Access: http://www.speedycppshq.com/miraichat/
You can share this above URL, which will redirect to the chat.

On the chat? Mention @michael, so I can get to know you better!

– Michael