Tropical Penguin Shout-out + Exclusive Sneek Peaks


Today I was getting a tan and talking to the owner Mosh about his new server Tropical Penguin.

If you like fun in the sun and lots of water this is definitely the server for you and don’t worry no sharks. Here is what our new owner had to say about his Tropical Paradise.

  • What do you plan on doing in terms of security?

In terms of security we are currently working on upgrading our DDos Protection and servers.

  • Tell me about the latest rooms designs you may have ?

We have many features such as custom rooms, moods, bubble color, name glow, walk on walls, penguin size and currently working on a radio and price system.

  •  How much staff will you have?
We will have five to seven staff members.
  • Any promotional deals with the game?
We don’t have any promotional deals as of yet but probably will after beta finishes.
  • Will there be any unique room designs?
We are currently designing rooms and working on a Christmas Tropical theme.
  • What is different about your CPPS versus others?
The difference between our server is that we release content/ features every week for players and we do monthly parties created by our designer.
  • Tell me in three words how you would describe Tropical Penguin?
 A Tropical Island.
  • How long will your Beta testing last and how do you become a Beta Tester?
We are planning for Beta Testing to stop on November 5th. Becoming a Beta Tester is easy just message me on Discord ask to be a tester.
  • What is the Discord Link for our Speedy readers?
As of yet we don’t have a link for Discord but plan to release a link when the game is up on November 10th.

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Shout-out: Hyperboreal



I had the chance to have a conversation with the owner, Widd. During this time, I asked him a few questions about the server such as: updates, improvements, security, and more. Lets find out!

  • What kind of improvements / updates are you thinking of towards the game?

We are at a standstill on how to proceed but we actively develop our server suite and fix things.

  • How did you come up with the name Hyperboreal?

Greek mythology – from the Hyperboreans.

  • What makes your server different from the others? 

Our server source code is the fastest and most secure suite that has ever been written. We plan on making all multiplayer games available at some point and we already have quite a working.

  • What is your main priority to focus on in the future?

Making sure all features of AS2 Club Penguin are working.

Widd, thank you so much for your time towards these questions! It is fascinating to hear the good news coming from Hyperboreal. For sure, I cannot wait for the next up-coming updates.

For more information based on the game or any questions, feel free to join their discord chat or contact Widd (widd#1373) or the other staff members on the chat and/or game. The contact information will be listed below.

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Monthly-Shoutout : uberPenguin


I recently approached Swanky the new owner of uberPenguin alongside Liam for monthly-shoutout, a new service by SpeedyCPPSHQ in which we contact several server owners and ask them about the updates which occurred and the future of the server.

  • What are the new features you plan on releasing for uberPenguin?

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Swanky and I was the owner of a previous CPPS, I plan on bringing back a lot of .one’s features, starting with Playercard music, marry/bff, and reputation system.

  • What do you plan on doing in terms of security?

There’s really not much more to add for the client side as the previous owner already implemented 2FA, which is really one of the greatest ways to secure accounts these days. I plan on doing a lot more server-sided, including securing the database more than what it already is. The previous owner did a very good job securing everything, but I plan on going a few steps farther.

  • Is there any new features coming in the upcoming month?

There will be a party that will be announced soon and possibly some new graphical changes and new items.

  • Tell me about any latest room designs you may have?

Well, currently the entire island is all of my custom Halloween rooms! I do have a few graphical errors as I just became admin 3 days ago and I crunched the creation of the party, the custom items and some other administrative stuff all in a 48 hour period (I didn’t even sleep!), so expect the next party to be way more organized and way less problematic.

  • Do you have an active staff?

Yes we do have active staff and we are currently in the process of hiring new staff also.

  • Are there any changes in your team?

Completely as the game is under new management, we are hiring based on professionalism and experience.

  • Are there any improvements that’s going to be done to help stabilize the game?
We are working on redoing the entire coin system and possibly implementing a VIP system. We will still have everything for free, but the VIP system will be for people who want to support the server, so it will be more of a ‘benefits’ program, instead of gaining features that nobody else can get.
  • Is there anything new in the store?

Yes, I have added a few items to the store. As I’ve only been admin for less than a week, I haven’t been able to add more than 5 items.

  • How many active users do you have on a daily basis?

We have an average of 150 logins per day, but that number will surely increase once the community sees all the new changes coming from new management.

  • How many users do you have registered currently?

We have over 3000 users registered.

I’m pretty sure uberPenguin is now under great administration!

Throwback Thursday: Rile5


Rile5 was the home of numerous users and the base of CPPSes. It was one of the greatest and most famous CPPS forums to exist ever. It initially began off as a little forum running on phpBB and after that as time went on, they changed to an alternate discussion programming otherwise called IPB (Invision Power Board). Owned by Riley, administrated and co-owned by Bane and d0pe. It initially began under the domain and afterward went onto lastly

             Rile5 opened it’s doors in the year 2011, I don’t exactly recollect it’s release date since I joined Rile5 on February 15th 2012, under the username Neil which is additionally my genuine name, I then passed by a few nom de plumes, for example, Moose, iNeil, Cube, Craig, Sloth, Cyanogen and so on. To my recognition I was the top poster, an accommodating yet irritating individual furthermore had a significant decent reputation.

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Solstice’s New Updates

Hey everyone!

It’s me, Swegy. Back at it again with yet another spooky post 🎃 in a Batman costume. It’s that time again when you are going to hear about this fun and enjoyable CPPS named Solstice. One of their Developers requested me to kindly present their latest updates, so let’s get started! 🙂

               Their website got a fresh spooky looking design. It looks truly energizing and the hues are great. It was made by Nuno and with the help of other developers from Speedy’s Team, Josh and Lynx.



Unfortunately you can’t play the game yet, on the grounds that it’s in shut beta, which implies that only staff members and a few trusted individuals can test it. Try not to get tragic, the amusement will be discharged in few days. There will be custom things and many more later on. The Town looks spooky!



Every room across the island has also been updated, to bring in the fever of Halloween! You may check out the rest yourself, once their Private Beta ends.

There are also two more upcoming updates: New Solstice Staff Badges and Interface Changes (After Halloween).

This was only a quick look into the redesigns and the game. Once more, make a point to look at them yourself and show ❤️‍ to the Solstice developers‍ and give them some input 📝

~ Jonas aka Swegy.

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New uberPenguin ownership and reopening


Hey everyone,

uberPenguin has once again changed ownership and this time you’ll be seeing massive changes to the island! Originally owned by Lux (Seether) with co-owner Bones (Cyberwolf). uberPenguin has definitely had a lot of ownership changes, here’s the previous to current owners of uberPenguin in chronological order.

Owned by Lux and Bones, Lux sells uberPenguin to Brent. Keith joins Brent but Brent ends up going missing for weeks. Keith then sells uberPenguin to Liam and Swanky joins Liam and we now have the current owners of uberPenguin, Swanky and Liam!

Congratulations, you’re now all caught up on the history of uberPenguin! But what now? Well, here’s a quote from Liam.

There are two new owners, myself and Swankysox. Swanky is the previous owner of We are reopening the CPPS, with brand new default rooms, better interaction with the players, more features, etc.
Brand new default rooms? This definitely sounds interesting! I saw some sneek peeks of what could possibly become a reality and I must tell you, they look fantastic!

 In any case, Liam likewise said more features would come so I continued to ask Swanky what new features we could generally expect in the reviving, in conversing with Swanky I was informed that playercard music, bff/wed, and changes are ensured, and I’m additionally certain we can expect significantly more!

There’s currently no ETA for the reopening but it’s definitely something that you can look forward to, and don’t worry because the team here at SpeedyCPPSHQ will definitely be keeping you updated!

Pengur’s Store and Account Manager – Spotlight

Shopping the action or activity of buying items either from a store or online. It’s a fun and innovative way to hang out with friends and past time by dancing through the grocery aisle to an exotic seventies disco tune like John Travolta’s  – Staying Alive. Pengur introduced their Store complete with features that can be purchased with diamonds.


The features that are listed in the picture above include – Name Glow,  Name Color, Ring Texture, and Bubble Color. Let’s examine these bad boy features and see how much these are going to cost us. For 10,000 diamonds the player can purchase Name Glow and for 9000 diamonds they can afford the Name Color. 20,000 diamonds will award you the beautiful and bright Ring Texture and 15,000 diamonds will give the Bubble Color. To know more about how to earn diamonds, you may refer to this post.


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uberPenguin: Halloween Party

Hey everyone,

As many of you know Halloween is right around the corner, the holiday where you get free candy, maybe stay inside and binge watch scary movies. But, the fun doesn’t stop there, there’s now a Halloween party on uberPenguin! There are many Halloween themed places  all around the island, with spooky decorations and scary Halloween songs. Don’t worry if you’re too scared of all the decorations, there are many others who are just as scared as you hanging out on uberPenguin!

Of course I can’t leave you hanging without showing you some of the party itself!


Of course there are many other decorations all over the island! My personal favorite is the Nightclub (g-raveyard), which I haven’t showed a picture for as I want you guys to go check it out yourself! Make sure you guys have your volume on though, the music in there is lit.

Have a great week and a Spooktacular Halloween!


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Monthly-Shout – FrostPengu


A month ago, FrostPengu declared that they will discharge a considerable measure of overhauls to upgrade your client involvement in the amusement, the All Hallows’ Eve was one of the progressions that was made. To make things more charming, they additionally declared a challenge for its clients. Be that as it may, sadly none of this data was displayed to the clients before hand by us. However require not to stress as that is precisely what I will do today. I felt free to had a little discussion with Nuno, the proprietor of FrostPengu and approached him on what’s to seek FrostPengu, after all the terrifying skeletons and spirits retreat in their graves to rest in peace.

  • As you know its almost the end of the month, what’s to come after Halloween?

Trying to get the manager done.

  • Are there any other changes you’ve noticed after the last updates?

We changed rooms (To Halloween rooms).

  • Do you think the upcoming updates will bring in more users?

Yes, because of the manager, FrostPengu will have more features.

  • Has your user base grown since FrostPengu returned?

Yup, by approximately 200 users.

  • What’s going on with the team, any changes there?

Yes, starting to make some and we will accept applications again 😀

FrostPengu has been gaining a lot of ground as of late and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will keep doing as such and some time or another turn into a greater server and draw in more group of onlookers. That’s all there is for today, everyone.

             As you most likely are aware this week is a considerably more spookier week since it’s the genuine week of Halloween and Halloween is just around the curve, in the interest of the Speedy Team, I wish all of you a spooky Halloween! Remain safe, have a fabulous time positively and don’t get frightened of the clowns.

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Monthly Shout-out: Prospekt

Hi everyone,

Dev here! You must be wondering that why do I sound so excited? It is on the grounds that I had an awesome shout-out with Selena the originator of Prospekt! Before we begin, I might want to say one essential thing is that the CPPS didn’t release yet, however it’ll release soon. Is it true that they are searching for moderators? Obviously they are! I’ll later clarify in my post on the most proficient method to apply, yet for the present how about we begin with the shout-out.

  • Why did you create Prospekt?

I created Prospekt because I wanted something new to CPPSes. I wanted to give something new, and be able to make the game work without Adobe Flash. I wanted people to be able to have equal opportunities in being able to get ranks and be apart of the game.

  • When is Prospekt releasing?

Prospekt may release by Halloween or Early November. I just got new equipment to help make the game, and will be setting it up soon.

What inspired you to create a CPPS like Prospekt?

Damen, previous owner of OldCP had a great idea with different places, like the North and South. I was inspired by that idea to create whole new islands with many places within them.

  • What do  you mainly focus on?

My main focus is to have it customized as best as possible. However, security is the top priority. I don’t want anyone’s information in harm. The other focus is to have many different options for jobs, and create many different businesses of which people can manage or work at. There will be constant changes of ranks so everyone gets a chance to try something.

  • What is the main objective for Prospekt? Security or customizing it.
Most importantly I plan to have security settings at its highest and will make it very hard to be able to access anything. Everything will be encrypted and hidden as well as I can do it.

We’re not finished yet! Are you wondering what Prospekt means? Well, here is what Selena told me:
If you’re wondering the name Prospekt comes from Coldplay’s ‘Prospekt’s March’s I chose this because the song has a very deep meaning relating to society, this also inspired me to create a different atmosphere for the game. However I have made mistakes already with the staff, I am fixing it and upping the requirements for staff.
That’s basically everything about it, there’s a bit more of an explanation of the game and how it works
To apply please contact Selena via Discord. Her username is Séléne#7055. Thank you for reading my post, that’s all for today.

Monthly – Shout out: Pengur

Hey everyone,

Today I got in touch with the owner of PengurYoyo to ask him what’s to come for the CPPS next month so let’s get down to the questions!


  • Are you currently working on anything new for Pengur?

We always are! I urge everyone to keep an eye out for updates on our twitter @PengurCPPS.

  • What’s your main inspiration for your CPPS?

My inspiration is the CPPS community. There are many voices in our community and our goal is to listen to everyone.

  • Do you have any plans for hiring new staff?

It depends on our productivity and how much moderators we need. We hope to hire some new people soon, we can’t confirm anything yet.

  • What makes Pengur different from other CPPSes?

We have a very great staff team. I couldn’t ask for a better team. Also, we have features that no other CPPS has done. Such as custom postcards, clothing customizer etc. We also work hard on monthly parties. We are like a whole new, custom version of club penguin.

It’s so great to see that Pengur is so productive in the CPPS community. They care about their users and they only love what’s best for their server. It’s safe to say that the staff of Pengur work very hard and they are very dedicated to their CPPS.

Game of Mods is Back!


Hello everyone, since I’m a fellow member of OldCP I have been on the new forums a lot lately. On Tuesday I saw that there was a new announcement from Damen, like everyone else I was very surprised and was wondering what he had to say. I was so happy when I read he was planning to hold another game of mods. His first post was published asking what days, everyone was available and wanted to handle the biz.


Then just yesterday he came back with yet another post telling us all when the games would be held. To my surprise they are actually this weekend! If you have been to any other GOM then you would know that they are held Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The starting time for the games is 4 PM EST on all three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). They will be held in /jr office or /office. The team list was released today and it looks like we have a big batch of teams this year. These are the teams for this year.

If you would like to join one of these teams or try to start your own team I have the leaders of the existing teams forums account linked, this would be an easy way to contact them. If you would want to try to start your own team I would contact Rocket.

If you are new or don’t know how GOM works I will explain a little bit about how it works. So a whole bunch of teams goes head to head in a series of challenges for them to complete. Teams are eliminated little by little until one team is left. Then the team members of the last team will go head to head in a final challenge. The winning team member is granted the mod rank. Well, that’s about it for GOM, hope I see everyone there! Have a nice night everyone 💙

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Pengur: Upcoming Halloween Party

Hi everyone,

Dev here! You must be wondering why I am so excited? Because, I’ve some exclusive info about the Halloween party of Pengur which includes some sneak-peeks and a release date! The Halloween party is going to  be a blast for sure as there will be a lot of custom decorations and fun quests for YOU to explore! What about the ghost that’ll follow you around the island? Don’t worry! Gary will be visiting the island to keep you protected from dark entities that follow you everywhere you go.

Where are the sneak-peeks? Oh wait! I forgot about that. Here they are:

Woah! I really like the rooms, it gives me  such chills down my spine! The pumpkins are scary too! Ooops, I forgot the release date. Here it is:

The Halloween Party starts on October 29. 2016. Join the fun at Pengur!

Goodbye! And have a safe weekend, also make sure to look behind your back to see if any dark entities are following you?

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Introduction – Liam


My name is Liam, I enjoy playing the drums, listening to music, playing Overwatch, building computers and much more. Feel free to talk to me on the Speedy Discord if you would like to get to know me better!

~ Liam

Spotlight: FrostPengu

Today, I’m going to be spotlighting two great features from FrostPengu. These features that I’m going to talk about are Player Card OutlineGlow and Beaks. Let’s get started.


A Smile Is Worth a Thousand Words. A smile may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes, it seems as though its value is so much more. A simple smile creates its own message without words. In many cases, the smile takes on a specific meaning because of the surroundings or situation in which it occurs.

Source – Google.

You can change your beaks from one to eight by just using a simple command !beaks 1-8. It is my favorite feature on FrostPengu.

AS2 Flash Register

What a unique feature! Most AS2 CPPSes don’t have the flash register, because of the risks that comes with it, but here at FrostPengu that is not the case. The flash register is very easy to use, all you need to do is to fill up your email, username and password.

That’s it for today! Thank you for reading my post and have a wonderful weekend, goodbye!

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