uberEvent: Tasks, winners, and more!

Hello Everyone!

Chris, a staff leader on uberPenguin, has decided to host an uberEvent!

What is an uberEvent?

uberEvent is a series of tasks in which people compete to earn a prize. In today’s event, there is four games (different rounds in-between) with a total of 40,000 uberCoins. The winner of each task will earn 1,000 and the grand prize winner (last task) will earn 10,000 uberCoins.

First Task: Fairy-Tale Dress-Up

To kick off the event, Chris introduced the first task at the stage. The task was a theme challenge, which involved with the competitors having to wear an outfit that represents a similarity to the stage’s background (fairy-tale).

Reading at the Stage

Chris gave the competitors a few minutes to prepare their costume and show it off to the judges.


After the time was up, the judges had the chance to pick who was the winner. The first winner of the task is Bruce.


Picture of Bruce smiling

Second Task: Category 

After leaving the stage, the uberPenguin’s bot gave us a hint where the next competition will be held. Whoever got to the place first wins some gold.

The second task was held at the pool. From there, Chris introduced a game called Category. The objective of the game is to guess the word that the host is thinking of within that category.

Within that task, there were numerous of rounds and winners who earned points. To summarize it, Wh*re won three rounds and won the task.

Third Task: iSpy

iSpy was taken place at the crow’s nest, above the pirate’s ship. I bet that most of us know what is the objective for iSpy is. Just in case you do not, I’ll explain it.

The game, iSpy, is where the host picks an object/subject that is in the room, but does not tell anyone what it is. The users would need to guess the name by using the hint the host gives.

As well as the second task, there was various of rounds and winners who got points in order to reach the maximum points to win the task. Some of the rounds involved with guessing the place where the yellow lamp is (Ski Lodge), a number between 1-500 and railroads (Mine Shack).

Pirate's Ship

At the end of the task, Brandon was picked as the winner.

Fourth Task: Igloo Decoration

The last task was explained on uberPenguin’s discord chat. Chris and Michael gave an announcement saying that the users will have 30 minutes to post a screenshot of their igloo and send it to the #submissions channel. The competition’s theme was spooky/scary.

In between the 30 minutes, a couple of users posted their submissions on the channel.

After the time was up, it was up to Michael and Tom to decide who the winner is for the last task is.

The winners for the igloo competition is Becky (3rd place), Brandon (2nd place) and Teddy11202 (1st place). For those who submitted a picture of their igloos on the #submissions channel, they earn 2,000 uberCoins.


Picture of the first place winner’s igloo, Teddy11202.

Congratulations to all the winners of today’s uberEvent. It was a pleasure being there and watching all the participants.

If you want to participate in their next event or join for fun, please click here to play uberPenguin. If you want an invitation to the discord chat, click here.


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Aviate: A new community forum!

AviateHey everyone!

I have some very exciting news for you guys. A couple of days ago a new community forum called “Aviate” has come to life. Aviate is based on programming, gaming, CPPSes, and much more! Aviate was started by Josh.

Let’s start with the amazing, well-done logo and background. Alex, another administrator along with Josh, Michael, and Chris, has designed a new background for Aviate. He also made the logo match the background.

aviate background
Next we have is where you can find posts, when they are updated. Let’s take a look!

aviate posts
You can check the latest posts from staff and users! Now let’s check out where you can find the latest updates.

Very unique. You can find the recent updates on here and the discord channel!

The Management work very hard to bring Aviate to life. The forum was started by Josh, then the administrator of the former forum Calippo, called Alex, has joined the project along with Josh and they hired two more administrators by the name Michael and Chris. Be sure to join Aviate here also make your account here.

For my last part of the post, I will do a Interview with Josh!

  1. What inspired you to create Aviate?
    “Aviate is focused on platforms of gaming. Our main focus at this moment is the CPPS community. I saw many gaming communities out there that were either inactive or dying. The CPPS community is not dying. It’s been kept pretty well active. The CPPS part of the forum was inspired by helping others develop more for the community so it doesn’t die in the future. We’re all about innovating.”
  2. What should we expect on Aviate?
    “More surprises and big features will be coming to Aviate. We’ve just released a “creative” rank, alike trusted, for top contributors. More to come.”
  3. How long have you been working on Aviate?
    “I’ve been working on Aviate for 3 weeks now.”
  4. How would you rate Aviate out /10?
    “6/10 since we’re still doing renovations.”
  5. What made you choose the name “Aviate”?
    “Aviate means to go above and beyond. That’s my goal for this forum. To help others be innovative.”

Thank you Josh for answering all the questions! That’s all for today about Aviate! Thank you for reading my post and have a great day!


New Fabulous FrostPengu Features

Hey everyone,

Exciting news coming from the CPPS server FrostPengu, FrostPengu is excited to announce there in game radio. Yes you heard right, a radio that plays the latest musical genres. Access to this feature can be worked by saying the command !radio then it pops up and you are ready to go.

Another fabulous feature is the BFF and Marry command. Now I know there are some penguin couples out there that want to tie the knot, now you can. Simply just say !marry and followed by their username or if it’s a best friend use !bff and followed by their username again. If overtime your husband or wife to be is no more and has moved on then say !unmarry or !unbff. Simple commands and fun tunes make both these features enjoyed by all FrostPengu enthusiasts.

Do you like to party? I sure do! Let’s go on to the next feature. Guys, remember all those unique parties that CP had back in the day? Well, now that dream can come true, introducing the Party Switcher! For example, say the command !party Musicjam11 then it switches to the Music Jam Party from 2011.

Last but not the least, the most important important features I will talk about is the Report command. If you feel like someone is bullying you or passing on racist remarks, just say !report and followed by their username and your report will be submitted to the staff team for review.

Well my fellow Speedy Readers that is all for now, stay tuned for my next post — until then bye for now.

~ Hess

CPPS.io End of the Release Party + The Fair Arrives!

Hello Everyone!

CPPS.io’s owner Shaun told us that the release party of CPPS.io is now over. I hope that the people who joined had a great time and enjoyed all the games staff team hosted. The staff team hosted a dress up competition and some other funny games. The exclusive background and pin of the party are not available anymore. Now the Fall Fair of 2009 has arrived to CPPS.io. The party has awesome room designs.


The incredibly cheap 50 cent offer for VIP is ending this coming Saturday. VIP price will be 3 dollars after that. One of the developers said that !size command will be added soon. I’ve been told that more is yet to come. CPPS.io has been growing lately and I suggest everyone to try it.

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Thanks for reading!





Hey Everyone!

John here and today I will be talking about +Penguin and it’s penguin menu. In my opinion, a penguin menu is a rather cool idea, because instead of having all these commands (for example, !NC #FFFFFF and such), +Penguin made commands simple, making it loved by all it’s users! So, today we will be going more into the feature and we will explain it’s job.

To start off, this is what it looks like and where it is on the chat dock shown below:

There are a lot of options to choose from! Let’s start from “Penguin” through “Edit Player”. Basically, the “Penguin” provides color, glow, size, rotate and transparency. Let’s start going through these features. “Penguin” – “Color” –

WOW! Many colors to choose from! I would actually love to point out that instead of using hex codes, it provides with all these colors and very specific ones too. It saves so much time! Moving on to “Penguin” – “Glow”. Oh no! Unfortunately, “Penguin Glow”, “Rotate” or “Name glow strength” does not work on this CPPS. I have briefly skimmed through the features and it is only those three that do not work. Let’s move onto “Penguin” – “Size” –

I’m telling you, this is amazing! It gives you the different percentages of the sizes you can do, and you can also use the command. For example, !size 100 100 makes you normal-sized. Up next, “Penguin” – “Transparency” –

Wow! Can you see me?! So, just like the size, the transparency has percentages for you to choose from for yourself. Wow! We finished “Penguin”. Now let’s do Penguin Trail! “Penguin Trail” – “Glitter” –

Wow! It looks like little cubes! This feature has the same color list. You guys will actually be noticing in the upcoming features that the color list is added with feature. Next, “Penguin Trail” – “Fog” –

Wow! Doesn’t it look like the penguin is farting (haha)?! This feature is no different from the glitter, the only difference is the appearance. But personally, the fog is my favorite. Looks like we’re done with “Penguin Trail”, now let’s go onto “Walk Speed” – “Slow” –

Woah! It’s like a snail! I think this feature is pretty cool, as well as “Fast” and “Teleport”. There are various commands for speed, being “Teleport”, “Slow”, and more. I’ve seen !speed 1-120, which goes from slow to fast, like !teleport and !slow. To be honest, the slow is pretty good for races and it’s fun while doing it. Next up, “Walk Speed” – “Normal” –

This is just the normal penguin walk. Nothing special! Which is useful, if you don’t like teleport, slow, or even speed. I personally don’t use normal anymore. I’m used to speed. Speaking of speed, next up, “Walk Speed” – “Fast” –

I personally love this one! It’s smooth and simple. A lot of users use fast from what I’ve seen — and teleport. In my opinion, it’s more comfortable than normal because it’s kind of slow compare to teleport and fast. This is pretty fast, but the teleport is faster, you’ll see. Next up is “Walk Speed” – “Teleport” –

It’s like having powers! I love teleport also, I use it often along with fast. It’s a great feature. Looks like we’ve finished Walk Speed, now let’s move onto “Penguin Ring” – “Color” –

Really nice! I personally don’t use this, but I’ve seen others who have and I believe it’s a creative feature. Next up, “Penguin Ring” – “Type” –

In my opinion, this is pretty cool! I don’t use it but it looks neat. There are different choices, so I will screenshot each.





Looks like we’re done with Penguin Ring. Next up is “Mood” – “Color” –

I like this! This is the same thing for name glow and name color, but it’s for mood. Next up is “Mood” – “Glow” –

This is pretty nice! If you want to write something for your status (for example “I’m sexy :)” — lol), and you’re wanting to keep it decorative, put some glows! We’re finished with Mood. Next up is, “Bubble” – “Color” –

The bubble color is pretty famous on CPPSes, just like name glow. So here it is! Now next up, “Bubble” – “Text Color” –

Nice! Next up “Bubble” – “Pointer Color” –

Beautiful! So, the pointer color is simply the lower part of the bubble. I guess it’s a called a pointer because of the little pointer it has showing that it’s from my penguin, like I’ve shown. Most CPPSes don’t have that feature, it’s usually only the bubble color. In my opinion, it’s pretty rare to find the pointer color in most CPPSes. Finished Bubble, now moving onto “Name” – “Color” –

Alright, so name color and name glows are pretty famous as well as bubble color. I see it on every CPPS I have played. Some you need to pay for. For example, CPPS.me, but others you don’t have to pay for, like +Penguin! Alright, moving onto “Name” – “Glow” –

Awesome! Alright, since we’ve finished Name, Next up is “Title” –

Wow! Now let’s move onto “Title” – “Color” –

This is legit so cool! Now, lets move onto “Title” – “Glow” –

Aye! Alright, done with Title, moving on to “Buy Clothing” –

That’s literally awesome! This penguin menu has it all! Now let’s see if it appeared in my inventory —

Sweet! Now let’s move on to “Walk on Walls” –

Awesome! I’m familiar with the command !wow because it stands for walk on walls, but this?! This is just WOW for me. Finally, the last feature, “Edit Player” –

Awesome! I guess since the blue penguin is supposed to stand for your player card, I guess they added it! Simply amazing.

FINALLY! WE HAVE FINISHED THE +PENGUIN PENGUIN MENU! I absolutely love how the penguin menu was added to this. I spent a large amount of time doing this and enjoyed doing this because I know that you guys will be reading this post, and I want you guys to learn how to use it if you ever find it on a CPPS. Thank you guys so much for spending your time reading this extremely long post, and I’m sorry that some of the features didn’t work (as I mentioned above) and you guys couldn’t see how they worked. BUT, the good thing is I got more than half of the features done! I would absolutely love to give a shoutout to Insanity and *elana for playing this CPPS, telling me that they recommend it for everyone and it’s absolutely awesome! Take their word? Start playing now! I’ll leave the link below. Until next time!

                                                                             Home | Register | Play

  • John

Calippo’s Closure

Hey Everyone!

Today, I have some very sad news, The social forum called Calippo had released yesterday and has said it’s goodbye to the public. The Administrator Alex has decided to close it down and join a new forum as well as create an new CPPS!

The server was gaining users slowly, Sadly it has come to an end. Calippo was administrated by Alex and Luke. The forum was mainly for virtual games and programming.

calippo gone
You would find that when you go to the website.

If you need more information contact Alex.



SPOTLIGHT: OldCP’s Account Editor



Hello everybody,

Jennifer here with a rather different post. Today, we will be zooming in on a feature on OldCP that is used very much and loved by all. This feature goes by the name of the Account Editor. The Account Editor’s name explains it all — you can edit your account using it. It’s kind of like a manager, but at the same time, it’s kind of not, since it has features that you wouldn’t exactly find in a manager itself. Anyway, let’s start digging into this topic.

Of course, to start off this post on the right foot, I’ll show you what it looks like, and how you open it —

Wow! There certainly is a lot of options to choose from! Let’s begin one by one, and what I mean by that is we will start off by checking out the Better Clothes button. Basically, this feature is used to find items to put on your penguin without needing the item ID itself. It’s very handy and it makes dressing up your penguin very simple! —

Awesome! Could it get any more easier than this?!

Moving on, let’s investigate into the Listen To Radio button. Upon clicking it, a new tab automatically opens up, showing the radio —

Looking neat, that’s for certain!

Moving forward, let’s look at the Transforms button. This is mainly used to buy awesome features. The currency in the game is gold, in which 400 gold can be earned per hour, just for being active. Keep in mind, a lot of things in the store are quite expensive! Let’s go check it out —

Woah! Would you look at that?! Features inside of features!

Of course, the buttons on the side are self-explanatory as well. Get Gold is an easy button to figure out — you can get more gold using real money, or you can have a friend transfer you some gold. How much gold do I have? — this is yet another button, showing you the amount of gold you currently have.

Now, let’s dive into the Go to a Igloo button. This feature is used to go to anyone’s igloo. Yes, it is currently bugged, but I don’t see the harm in checking it out —

Hey, well, at least it brings you to some sort of weird room!

Very interesting! Now, let’s see what’s up with the Change Snowball feature. OldCP has a bunch of different snowballs to choose from, and the Account Editor makes it easy to change your snowball! —

What?! A snail snowball?!

Hello, friend.

Hah! How cute is that?! Now, let’s check out the Go to a Channel feature. To sum up how this works, it brings you to any !jr room you type in. OldCP has many different, unique, and custom rooms, so let’s check out one of them using this button —

Travel made simple.

Wow! Now, there’s an option to check out who the Player of the Month is. Let’s see who it is! —

Nice job, McKinlee!

Finally, for the final feature inside of the Account Editor, there is a Read Blog button. Let’s check it out, and let’s see what happens when we click it —

Gotta love OldCP’s blog!

Welp, that wraps this up, folks. OldCP’s Account Editor is surely a hit, and it comes in handy for everybody! Not only is this a great feature, but the CPPS itself is an amazing CPPS and you should play it! Come try OldCP, you won’t be disappointed, that’s for certain!

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Welcome John!

Hey all!

It’s John, and some of you might know me from Discord. But, psst.. I just got accepted as a trial author! I am so excited to have this opportunity because I can’t wait to be uploading posts, sharing with you guys and being apart of the Speedy Team!

It might be a shocker to some, because I just got recently accepted. But if it is a shocker, then woohoo! Hopefully, you guys will enjoy reading my posts, and I hope I will be upgraded to a full author. Also, I will be organizing myself, as in every day, I will make a post. For example, every Monday – a CPPS post, every Tuesday – a Your say, and so on. So, stay tuned in for those.

Lastly, I’m going to tell you guys a few things about myself, if you don’t know already. I love cooking. I actually worked for a cafe before, and I was the chef. Unfortunately, I don’t work there anymore, because of a sad situation that I struggled to overcome for a few days. Besides that, I really love doing it. I cook in my house, my friend’s house, and possibly anywhere if people ask me.

I also love listening to music. Especially if i’m doing something important, like this post for instance. I’m actually listening to music right now while doing this. It helps me concentrate. I love playing football, especially with my cousins. Some of them suck at it (don’t tell them I said that). I mean… they know anyways. Haha! But, besides that, they’re pretty chill to play football with. If they get hurt, they just keep playing, but if it’s bad, they try and hurt you back. It’s funny. Lastly, I love the color blue. I don’t know what it is, but I just love it. I have this as my background for my laptop!

Sadly, this post has come to an end. I hope you all enjoyed my post. Please stay tuned in for more! I love everyone who took time appreciating and reading my post. Until next time! <3


Spotlight: uberPenguin’s Custom Items


Hi guys!

Katie here to do a spotlight on uberPenguin’s new custom items!

Custom items from what I’ve heard have always been a user favorite, adding a bit of personality to the user’s penguin. Uber has taken up on that offer, showing off it’s new custom shirts, hoodies, hand items, and more!

These items can be obtained with coins, and coins can be gained by playing games all around Uber, or from giveaways.

Some featured items look like this:spotlight

Personally, I think they’re all amazing, unique, and good-looking for anyone. They all have a nice, normal-looking cutout, with some hints of Uber’s creative and modern personality. It’s pretty simple to purchase them, but…


I am not worthy of obtaining such glory.

Anyhow, I think that the flames are the coolest custom item I have seen so far, which is probably why it’s ranked so high up with the coins. These items, however, may be used with item hue. Yay!

All users have the option to enter for a raffle whenever one may roll around, but not everyone is guaranteed to win.

So, in conclusion, I absolutely love the modern theme of Uber’s custom items, and I hope more of them come around!

Over and out,

CPPS.io Release!

Hello everyone,

CPPS.io’s final version released today. There are some new features that are super awesome! They have a custom background that shows a staff’s face. The backgrounds are original and great for the final release today. They also made a custom pin for the users that has one of the staff’s face on it.
New orginial custom backrounds

CPPS.io has also created a custom town for the release today! They’ve added stereos, fireworks in the background of the town, dance floors, and much more! They also made V.I.P 50 cents for a limited time! VIP gets you many features such as nameglow, bubble color, the ability to give yourself a nickname, and more! I think the town they’ve made is really creative and different from other CPPS release parties!

Here’s a picture of the town —


The music in the town is also super amazing! What are you waiting for? Join CPPS.io today! You won’t be disappointed, as it is certainly a really cool server!

Home || Register || Play

Thank you,

Your Say: CPPS.io

Hey everyone!

Today, I have decided to do a Your Say on CPPS.io! I got two users to answer a couple of questions for me! Let’s hear what they have to say-

pingu your say

User #1 – Pingu

  1. How long have you been playing CPPS.io?
    I’ve been playing for 4 days”
  2. What is your favorite feature on CPPS.io?
    “My favorite feature is cloning other players”
  3.  What is one feature you dislike about CPPS.io?
    “The nameglow feature, I don’t think it needs to be in CPPS.io”
  4. How often do you visit CPPS.io?
    “2 times a day for an hour”
  5.  Do you play any other CPPS’, besides CPPS.io?
    “Yes, CPPS.me sometimes, but I don’t really like it!”
jared your say

User #2 – Jared

  1.  How long have you been playing CPPS.io?
    “Since the beta, In January!”
  2. What is your favorite feature on CPPS.io?
    Walk on walls”
  3. What is one feature you dislike about CPPS.io?
    “Personally nick, because users abuse it.”
  4. How often do you visit CPPS.io?
  5. Do you play any other CPPS’, besides CPPS.io?
    “Yes, I play uberPenguin, CPPS.me, and Hyperboreal are all one of my favorites.”

Thank you both Pingu and Jared for your participation in Your Say! Those were great answers. If you would like to participate in my next Your Say, just give me a heads up on a different CPPS listed!


Calippo hosting competition on FrostPengu

Hey everyone!

Today Calippo’s owner Alex is doing a Hide and Seek competition on FrostPengu. Users will compete in three games of hide and seek. Alex shall hide and the first user to find him will win and receive VIP on Calippo! You must have a Calippo account to receive your VIP if you win. There are many exclusive VIP features, such as nickname change, themes, create unlimited blogs, create private blogs, delete your own blogs and much more!

The competition will start Today at 7PM BST / 11AM PST / 2PM EST on FrostPengu, so make sure to be there. Alex, myself, and some other FrostPengu’s staff members will join us too.


Good luck to all the participants and have fun!

Click here to read Calippo’s post about this, and click here to visit Calippo.


Your Say: OldCP

Hi everyone,
Today, I went on OldCP a CPPS that has been out since 2005 I asked two users some questions and here are there answers to the questions asked –

User 1 - CreeperDude

User 1 – CreeperDude

  1. How long have you been playing OldCP?
    “Since 2011.”
  2. What is your favorite feature on OldCP?
    “I like that you can get any clothes item for free.”
  3. Do you play any other CPPS besides OldCP?
  4. What makes OldCP different from other CPPS?
    “Most CPPS use commands that start with ! but OldCP uses commands that start with /.”
User 2 - Tech

User 2 – Tech

  1. How long have you been playing OldCP?
    “For two years now.”
  2. What is your favorite feature on OldCP?
    “The transformations.”
  3. Do you play any other CPPS besides OldCP?
  4. What makes OldCP different from any other CPPS?
    “In some games I have played they don’t have great features. On OldCP it’s different you get cool features and a great experience at the same time and I love it.”

Thanks, for your responses CreeperDude and Tech!!! 🙂


uberPenguin: Custom Item Raffle!

Hey everyone!

Ajay here again, to bring you another post today! So, uberPenguin had a raffle and a lot of people were anticipating for it — especially me! Bones gave 3 lucky, random people tonight the most expensive “Nerve” custom shirt made by Lux. Boy, everyone was excited to see who would win! The hype was real and the staff kept everyone intrigued and interested in the raffle. But, 3 lucky people were chosen.

Everyone that participated got 1,000 coins tonight for participating in the raffle! Stay tuned tomorrow, as I will be making another post after Part 2 of the next uberPenguin raffle that will be hosted by the Uber staff at 5 PM EST! They will be giving away another custom T-shirt and 10,000 coins! It was a great, yet short raffle. Look out for other future events that will be stated right here on Speedy!

Well, this is Ajay with Speedy. I will see you all next time!


CPPS.io Closing V2?

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce that CPPS.io is finally shutting down CPPS.io V2. Project v2 will be coming to an end on Saturday, August 20th, 2016. But why would we be happy, over another great CPPS shutting down? The final version of CPPS.io will be released soon after V2 ends! The creators of .io have been working on their server for a long time, so we know they will do great!

Here are a few questions I asked a staff member who goes by the name of Jared.

  1. Hello, Jared! Can you tell us what new updates are coming to the final version on CPPS.io? 
    “Well, we will be doing a sale for VIP, for only $0.50. We will have custom music and a handful of custom rooms for the release. All users who tested v2 will recieve an exclusive background, and we may also be adding a new custom hoodie to the game as well.”
  2. Any updates you’re looking forward to?
    “Once we get some new features added around the beginning of September, like size and maybe playercard music there’s not a whole lot going on. I’m looking forward to the new custom hoodie that may or may not be added.”

We aren’t sure what all the updates are yet, but we know one thing for certain. They’re going to be truly amazing!


A user saying goodbye to V2 and hello to beta CPPS.io!

If more information is obtained about V2 closing and CPPS.io’s final version releasing, it will be added to this post.

Thanks for reading,