Your Say: FreePenguin

Hey everyone,

Lynx here! I hope everyone has had a great month, today I decided to waddle around FreePenguin and found two users who gladly shared their thoughts about the CPPS. So let’s see what they had to say.


User #1: Shimmerball

  • When did you join FreePenguin?

Exactly 1 year ago.

  • What do you want to see new on FreePenguin?

Maybe some new games.

  • Is there a message you’d like to convey to the FreePenguin Team?

Can we have new clothing every month?

  • Are there any other servers you play apart from FreePenguin?

No, only FreePenguin.

  • How often do you play FreePenguin?

A lot on alternative days.


User #2: Cheerly11

  • When did you join FreePenguin?

797 days ago.

  • What do you want to see new on FreePenguin?

I want to see new secret rooms.

  • Is there a message you’d like to convey to the FreePenguin Team?

Something needs to be done to prevent perverts, creeps and bullies on the CPPS.

  • Are there any other servers you play apart from FreePenguin?

I used to play OldCP, but now I only play FreePenguin.

  • How often do you play FreePenguin?

Once a day everyday.

I’d like to thank both Shimmerball and Cheeryl11 for taking their time out to provide great feedback, you guys did a fantastic job! I hope the FreePenguin Team hear the voices of these users.

From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night, happy spooky month! 😈

~ Lynx.

Monthly Shout-Outs: CPPS Solstice



Today I interviewed Nuno the interim Owner of Solstice and here is what he had to say about this new server.

  • Are there any new features on Solstice?

Yes we are adding player card hues and currently working on custom badges and staff hoodies.

  • What safety precautions have you taken to avoid being hacked?

We are going to optimize our web server by implementing Nginx and requesting users to use longer passwords for security reasons.

  • Tell me about the latest room designs on Solstice?

The room designs will be the same, except for a few rooms like the Cave which features an MLP design with music and other designs may follow at a later date.

  • Will you offer perks for newly joined players?

For everyone we will offer Walk On Walls and all usual staff commands will be accessible to users.

  • Based on the staff are you impressed so far?

The Solstice Team are always active in the Server and Discord Chat. There will always be someone available to help our users. I’m impressed with what I’ve witnessed so far.

  • Tell me something different about Solstice that you don’t see on other CPPS sites?

We are working on chat bar colors (preferably dark and invisible) and as explained earlier – custom badges and staff hoodies. A new decent web design is also in the works. Last VIP will provide access to custom items and other perks.

Thank you Nuno for answering all my questions thoroughly and I look forward to seeing your progress and expecting new and exciting features in the future. That’s all for now and adieu my fellow Speedy Readers.

~ Hess.

EXCLUSIVE: Interviewing Damen


Damen is one of the familiar faces in the CPPS community. He is the founder of OldCP, LeoRPG, SnailsChat and Snaildom. He has impressed the community with his magnificient work and continues to do so. Today I decided to sit down and have a short exclusive interview with him, asking about OldCP and much more! So here is what he had to say.

  • What projects are you working on, as of now?

I’m focusing on releasing videos on YouTube but I am mainly working on a second LeoRPG game.

  • What direction do you think OldCP is going?

It’s heading off onto a new and better direction. I’m proud to see people have been inspired by my work. I just hope they respect it.

  • What advice would you like to give to OldCP users?

Remember to keep checking DSGHQ for new stuff and be patient with Island.

  • Have you checked out the new OldCP yet?

Yes, it’s growing slowly but Island has already done an excellent job.

Were you happy with giving ownership to Rocket or did you hesitate at first?

When Charles wanted out of owning OldCP, I had only two other people to fall back to – Wheeler and Island. Wheeler kindly refused but Island was very enthusiastic to take it on. If you don’t know why I left, you may check out my video through my channel.

Fantastic answers provided by Damen, we will make sure to stay in touch with him for more information.

Wrapping up this post, you may check out Damen’s former and current projects by clicking the links given below. Recently, Damen also made a new chat where people can hangout and have fun!


OldCP | LeoRPG | DSGHQ | DSGHQ’s Community Chat

Your Say: UberPenguin

Hello everyone,

Today I visited uberPenguin to do a Your Say, I’ve selected two penguins by the name of SaundraPlays and Rider101, asking for their time and participation.


User #1: SaundraPlays

1. How long have you been playing UberPenguin?

I’ve been playing UberPenguin for two months.

2. What is your favorite feature on UberPenguin?

I enjoy all features.

3. What do you dislike about UberPenguin?

 I don’t dislike anything about UberPenguin.

4. How often do you visit UberPenguin?

I often visit UberPenguin three times a week including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

5. Do you play any other CPPS besides UberPenguin?

No, I don’t play any other CPPS. UberPenguin is my favorite.


User #2: Rider101

1. How long have you been playing UberPenguin?

 Today was my first day on UberPenguin.

2. What is your favorite feature on UberPenguin?

To be honest I love all the features because UberPenguin is extremely innovative.

 3. What do you dislike about UberPenguin?

The one thing I dislike as a user is the amount of players on the site.

4. How often do you visit UberPenguin?

I try to play UberPenguin everyday as my time allows.

5. Do you play any other CPPS besides UberPenguin?

Yes I play other sites then UberPenguin.


A special thanks to SaundraPlays and Rider101 for participating and for their honesty!

~ Leila.

Avenir’s Closure

Hey everyone!

Today, I have contacted Dev321 the administrator of Avenir and he has confirmed that Avenir closed due to the reason that both Josh and himself were busy on a different project. Their Discord has been deleted and the website is also now unavailable.


If you were confused about that, it’s not under maintenance nor is it under construction. It has officially closed. It’s sad to see a very good community forum going to waste and leaving the CPPS community.

If any of you are wondering when their new project is coming out, you may visit their Discord. Unfortunately I can’t provide anyone with any information at the moment until I get a confirmation from the Team but that’s all there is today and I hope everyone has a lovely day.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

~ Lucas.

Monthly Shout-out: Pengur

Hey everyone,

Today I got in touch with the owner of Pengur Yoyo to ask him what’s to come for the CPPS next month so let’s get down to the questions!


  • Are you currently working on anything new for Pengur?

We always are! I urge everyone to keep an eye out for updates on our twitter @PengurCPPS.

  • What’s your main inspiration for your CPPS?

My inspiration is the CPPS community. There are many voices in our community and our goal is to listen to everyone.

  • Do you have any plans for hiring new staff?

It depends on our productivity and how much moderators we need. We hope to hire some new people soon, we can’t confirm anything yet.

  • What makes Pengur different from other CPPSes?

We have a very great staff team. I couldn’t ask for a better team. Also, we have features that no other CPPS has done. Such as custom postcards, clothing customizer etc. We also work hard on monthly parties. We are like a whole new, custom version of club penguin.

It is so great to see that Pengur is so productive in the CPPS community. They care about their users and they only love what’s best for their server. It’s safe to say that the staff of Pengur work very hard and they are very dedicated to their CPPS.

~ Sammy 🙂

Monthly Shoutout: PortalPenguin

Ahoy Mateys!

Today I’m going to do a monthly shoutout one of my favourite CPPS Sites – PortalPenguin! Wondering what Leth the owner of PortalPenguin had to say? Yes, of course you do! So lets get right to it.

1. Why did you create PortalPenguin?

I created Portal Penguin so every player can enjoy every single feature for free. I never liked the idea of making people pay for features.

2. Do you think it is going to help the community?

Yes it will help the community realize that my CPPS offers tons of free features including active staff and superior customer service!

3. What inspired you to create PortalPenguin?

I decided to create Portal Penguin because the community needs more CPPSes that offer excellent attributes to their players.

4. Do you think security or adding features is the main goal for a CPPS?

Security and Features are very important.

5. What is the one thing that you focus on for PortalPenguin?

The main thing I am focusing on is making it user friendly.

Huge thanks to Leth for taking the time out of his busy schedule just to answer these questions for us. I can’t wait for these updates to be pushed out and I look forward to see more updates from PortalPenguin as time goes on.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

~ Dev.

OldCP : Upcoming Designs


Greetings, the designer of OldCP – Zes has been working on unique designs for OldCP v13, considering his phenomenol artwork I decided to contact him for some exclusive sneek peeks. Which impressed me.

First, lets start with the Town which Zes has been working on. This room will be released once OldCP is out of beta. The environment will be turned into a crimezone further into the game.


Let’s check out the joust room which players can fight to death.


Next, let’s check out the new and improved courtyard, where the joust will take place.


You guys like the tv show, Game of Thrones? Then check out the new throne room.



The Throne room is a room where sessions take place and the team interacts with the users. Moving forward is the training room.


The training room is a place where players train to become future knights and protectors of OldCP. Last but not the least, let’s check out the jail.


The jail is a room where users go when they break the rules.

Zes also had this to say about the upcoming features of the server.

Jousts are a different system now. Instead of killing a user, you are rewarded with 1000 gold for winning a joust. There are also leaderboards showing the amount of kills and deaths the top 10 players have. In the future, when OldCP is back up and out of beta, I plan on re-theming the whole CPPS into night time, so it will give more effect to things like crimezone, and just give the users a little change from the regular rooms. I am working on custom items for the users to use as well, and I am open to any suggestions.
Thanks for reading everyone, have a great day!
Over and out,
~ Raymond.

Cromo: Screens and Updates!


Cromo, a server closed a few months ago is already on its way back with a big comeback. While the Cromo staff work on it’s return, the SpeedyCPPSHQ Team will be working hard to provide you some teasers.

So today I’m going to show you how unique this server is going to be. First, let’s take a look at their brand new startscreen.

Now let’s look at the new screen interface, exclusively implemented for Cromo!


It’s raining beta hats today, that to me looks cool! Next let’s check out something fun.


Ever watched the tv show MLP? Well Cromo have added this cute White Pony also known as Double Diamond. Let’s check out some more screen interface’s.


Yikes! We are being watched by the staff members! Want to privately contact one of your friends at Cromo? Need not to worry, because Cromo have their very own PM System to make your life easier.


You may be wondering how to send someone a private message, you can do so by using the command !pm username messagehere. Simple, yet easy. 

Well that’s a wrap everyone! The SpeedyCPPSHQ Team will continue to keep you updated with even more teasers in the near future, so be sure to keep checking back with us 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

~ Raymond.


Your say:

Hello everyone,

Today I logged into and found two users and asked them some questions in regards to the server and here’s what they had to say.


User 1 – Frogs

  • How long have you been playing

    I just started playing like a day ago, I am new to the server.

  • What is your favorite feature on

    I like that in the cPanel you can change your penguins skin color for free.

  • What do you dislike about

    Nothing! I like everything.

  • How often do you visit

    I can’t really say yet, because I am a new user and, joined the server not long ago.

  • Do you play any other CPPS besides



User 2 – crazylar1

  •  How long have you been playing

I have been playing for 46 days.

  • What is your favorite feature on

I like all of the features.

  • What do you dislike about

I don’t like that alot of people don’t play because, it is a really great server.

  • How often do you visit

I visit a little bit everyday.

  • Do you play any other CPPS besides


Both users did an amazing job answering all of the questions, asked to them. Thank you so much Frogs and Crazylar1!

~ Sammy 🙂

uberPenguin : Recent Events



As some of you may know, uberPenguin has gone through numerous changes such as new staff members and new ownership, you may be wondering what is even happening and why? So people, let me tell you, it was earlier said that uberPenguin will be sold to someone who can take care of it, but later on, Lux decided to keep moving with uberPenguin. A few days after that, Lux sold uberPenguin to Brent and since then it has been through many new changes, people who didn’t like these changes left while few still are with uberPenguin. Brent has assigned new staff members to help uberPenguin be a safe and fun environment. Those who don’t know what uberPenguin is can click here to check this post which tells more about uberPenguin. If you wish to stay on this post and you’re wanting to know more about this, don’t worry, this post should help you.

Firstly, lets check what that gear setting does shall we?

uberPenguin has some very unique features like Take Screenshot and Game Settings, we check out what Game Settings actually is.


This is uberAmazing, you can change your room style, dock style, chat log style, and even change the UI, that’s a ton of unique features! I don’t like how simple and pale my towns looks, so hmm, let’s change it?


That’s extremely unique feature that uberPenguin has to offer! Let’s check out their Nameglow and Bubbleglow, my namecolor and glow is very simple so I guess it needs a change!

See how simple and fast this process was? Let’s explore even more, let’s do that by changing our bubble preferences!

How lovely if you love chatting with your friends, lets check the hue system and see how simple and easy to use it is.

As I said earlier, many users left uberPenguin due to the fact it has changed many things. I believe they can be how they were in the past, so why not join uberPenguin and hang out with your friends?!

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Your Say:

Hey guys! Here at Speedy, we love listening to your input about different CPPSes. Today, I visited a very popular server that I’m sure you’re familiar with –!


User #1: Janhvi

1. How long have you been playing

Almost 2 years, though I’ve switched main accounts a lot.

2. What is your favorite feature on

The fact that I can shamelessly lie about myself.

3. What do you dislike about

It’s super slow.

4. How often do you visit

Every day.

5. Do you play any other CPPSes besides



User #2: shins

1. How long have you been playing

I’ve been playing .me on and off on several different accounts since 2013.

2. What is your favorite feature on

I like how there aren’t a ton of features clogging everything up. Bubble color is cool.

3. What do you dislike about

Some of the people who use it aren’t very nice, but overall I enjoy the server a lot.

4. How often do you visit

Pretty often. I try to come on at least once a week to see what’s going on.

5. Do you play any other CPPSes, besides

I have accounts on multiple other CPPSes, but I mostly just use this one.

Thanks so much for your input, Janhvi and shins! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

See you next time!

~ Alanis.

Why 2FA?

Hey everyone,

It’s Lynx and I hope everyone has had a great week so far 🙂 Today I’ll be talking about Two Factor Authentication or as I and most of us would like to call it in short 2FA and how it could help you stay safe online.

  • What is 2FA you ask?

Two Factor Authentication is a process in which you provide another method into securing your online account(s). Usually when you sign up for a website, most of these websites now provide 2FA as the secondary security option and when you sign up you usually provide a password. But by doing so, that doesn’t 100% guarantee the safety of your account(s). If any of you are familiar with Credit or Debit cards, you have two verification processes in it – 3 digit CVV & ATM Pin. When you do online shopping you have a password as well. Thus if a person knows your password but doesn’t know your ATM Pin, then they won’t be able to purchase anything online.

Like wise two factor authentication uses random 6 digit authentication codes which will be generated by an application which you should download on your smartphone. Social Media site’s such as Twitter uses SMS verification in which you will get a random code through SMS instead of using the application. So therefore, if someone knows your password on a CPPS, but doesn’t have an authentication code linked to your account, they cannot break into it. But beware that these random codes have an expiry time so they will go invalid if you don’t make use of it in time.

  • How would you go about making use of 2FA?

Well it’s extremely simple, if a CPPS such as or Hyperboreal provides 2FA as their secondary security option into securing your account then you shouldn’t have any issues. All you need is to know what kind of Smartphone you have and download the appropriate applications below.

Windows users:


QR Code Reader

iOS users:


Bar Code Scanners

Android users:

Google Authenticator

Barcode Scanner

Since I’m an Android user and I’m very familiar with it, I will be showing you guys how to get it done. So I’ve created an account on Hyperboreal for this tutorial. As you can see from the picture below, I’m now logged into the account and you can also see that I’ve marked the button that helps you enable 2FA.


Now once you hit that button you will be taken to a page like the picture below.


Now you see two things: your Recovery Code – in case you lose your smartphone or complete access to your account and towards the right you see a QR Code. Kindly note down the recovery code in a text file or something and store it in a safe location. Now this is where you have to use the applications in your smartphone. So quickly get your handset ready and open the BarCode Scanner and place the QR Code within the box just like the picture below.



So once the QR Code has been identified by the application, it should make a beeping sound and you should get a similar pop up inside the application, so the next thing you should do is click on Open browser. The moment you do this it will open Google Authenticator with another pop up asking you to save the key and you should touch Ok.


And now you’ve successfully synced the account with the application and it should start generating random 6 digit codes like I explained earlier.


So waste no time and go ahead and enter the code onto Hyperboreal’s site where it says Auth Code and hit the Submit button to verify the account, like the picture below.


and you now have 2FA successfuly enabled in your account! Adios to the hackers 🙂


So lets go ahead and log out of the account and relogin to check if this works perfectly, so now you will see a page like the picture below – pop up right after you enter your login details, asking you for an authentication code, so again open Google Authenticator, grab the new code, enter it and click Submit and you should be able to successfully login!


Well that’s a wrap everyone, I hope y’all understood what 2FA is and learned how to make good use of it, if you have any further questions in regards to 2FA, feel free to leave a comment or contact me through SpeedyCPPSHQ Discord Chat and I’d be glad to help you out 🙂

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Until next time, adios amigos!

~ Lynx. Room Updates, Twitter Contests + More!

Hello Everybody,

Jennifer here with a few new updates from! This big and amazing server has decided to prepare the rooms for Halloween. As we all know, Halloween is not far away, so they’ve updated a few things with I’ll be showing you the rooms and what they’ve done to them. Let’s take a look around, first starting with the Ski Hill —

Spooky! They’ve certainly already prepared early, haven’t they?! I like that. Now, let’s keep hunting for Halloween-infected rooms, it’s quite fun to do —

The Lighthouse! Looking funky, and the movie playing is definitely entertaining, that’s for sure! Let’s keep searching, I’m actually having fun looking around —

In my opinion, the Beacon is looking the best so far out of them all. Look at how amazing it looks! can’t get any better than this. Let’s take a peek at one last room. As for the rest of the rooms, I think you should come on the game and check them out yourself — being curious can be a great thing, plus, they’re all pretty rad! Let’s check out one last place, and here it is —

The Forest. Of course… an all-time favorite. Quite astonishing if you ask me! Great job with the rooms,! Don’t forget that that’s not all of them! —

Moving on, has moved their official Twitter. On top of this, they are now going to do nameglow and bubblecolor contests more often. They’re going to make it so simple for us at this point in time! has declared they will be doing contests via Twitter here and there for free glows. All you really have to do is like, retweet the contest tweet, and follow their Twitter (that’s whenever they’re hosting a contest that is)! They had one not too long ago for bubblecolor, and it ended up well. Be sure to follow them on Twitter! Click here to go to it.

Last but not least, as you all know, for the past few weeks, has been having lag issues and such lately. The games are acting up for some odd reason, so I am letting you know that the lag seems to be fixed. The games will be fixed as soon as possible, so don’t worry! You will be able to play your Find Four and other games soon. Excited to play the game? Come on and enjoy the fun! You won’t regret it, and I can guarantee you that!

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Another Sneak Peek: Cromo

Hey everyone,

Here is another sneak peek of Cromo which is making its comeback soon — today I am going to show you all of the Marry System on Cromo.


The cool thing about this on Cromo is that the status shows up on the top of your penguin’s background instead of how it normally shows up on most CPPS which is on the bottom — usually with an icon. I love this system because it’s different and unique. When you marry someone they can give you their nameglow, which makes the spouse name more visible on your penguin’s background. The text is also really big and fits perfectly on your penguin’s background. Another thing that makes the marry system different from other CPPSes is that when you marry someone, it puts your name under the person you marry. This is yet another reason to join Cromo.

Thanks y’all so much for reading this! I hope you join Cromo when it reopens because it has never before seen features. These are definitely reasons to join! 🙂