Your say:

Hello everyone,

Today I visited to do a Your Say, I’ve selected two penguins named Stardust and Whiz159, asking for their time and participation.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 5.36.58 pm

User #1:Stardust

1. How long have you been playing

“I’ve been playing for 2 days and 48 hours”

2. What is your favorite feature on

“My favourite feature on is the Walk On Walls”

3. What do you dislike about


4. How often do you visit

“I visit daily”

5. Do you play any other CPPS’, besides

“Yes, Limitless CP”

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 5.42.03 pm

User# 2: Whiz159

1. How long have you been playing

“I am now 140 days old”

2. What is your favorite feature on

“My favourite feature on is the Name-glow”

3. What do you dislike about

“I dislike nothing, I like everything about”

4. How often do you visit

“I visit everyday”

5. Do you play any other CPPS’, besides

“Yes, of course. I play,, and”

A special thanks to Stardust and Whiz159 for participating and for their honesty!



Hyperboreal Public Launch!

Hey everyone! I’m happy to announce that Hyperboreal- a new cpps- has just opened for public beta! This cpps has some seriously awesome things in store for all of you. If you’re wondering what this server is all about: read on and let me explain!

Firstly, Hyperboreal is different from your “average” CPPS. It has been expertly designed for a fast, virtually lag-free experience. This server has reverted back to the simplicity of old Club Penguin, but with it’s own special features added too! What does this mean for you?

You’ll notice that the Winter Luau is in effect. Party on!

More importantly: you can not add items to your inventory. Instead, you’ll be able to purchase them from the various catalogs around the island with coins. But don’t worry, the catalogs will rotate so that you can collect all of your favorite clothing and furniture items!

You’ll also need to earn your coins by playing games. It makes it all the more worthwhile! (Pssssssssst! Hyperboreal has also implemented an advanced anti-cheat system. Don’t fool around, no one likes a cheater!)

You’ll also be happy to note that the server offers two-factor authentication for all of it’s users- meaning that there is an extra layer of protection to keep your personal information safe! You’re able to set this up through your account settings. Make sure you use a valid email when you register in case you forget your password later!

Private Beta testers: Please note that all coins, items, ninja data, stampbooks, and igloos have been reset for public launch. You still get to keep your beta hat!

If you have not joined Hyperboreal yet, we’d love to have you come join in on the fun! Register by clicking here, or by entering in your search bar.

Also, make sure you follow them on Twitter and join their discord chat to stay in the loop!

Follow their Twitter here: @HyperborealCPPS
Join their Discord by clicking here

Thanks for reading,

– Alanis

Pengur: Hide & Seek + New Leaderboards!

Woah, I didn’t see you there! Pengur has recently added Hide & Seek automatically to the Forest. Players will be able to choose who will go and Hide, while one person Seeks. When the Seeker has finished counting and finds a Player, in order to win Diamonds, you are to click the Players. You can earn up to 20 Diamonds! Hmm, I wonder what I would be able to buy with 20 Diamonds? If you want to earn Diamonds, make sure you go play Hide & Seek! Not only do you earn Diamonds, but you have fun at the same time!

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 7.17.16 pm

The leaderboards have been introduced to Pengur. The leaderboards are located at the Ski Hill, Ski Lodge, Attic and the Forest. The top penguin will earn a prize every Saturday. The prize will not be Diamonds though, you will win items! You can customize your penguin with these fancy looking items!

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 7.17.29 pm

Thanks for reading,


Hyperboreal: Two-Factor authentication

Hi speedy readers,

Today when I visted Hyperboreal’s twitter they wrote:

Hyperboreal now supports Two-Factor authentication! Log in and set it up with Authy or Google Authenticator for extra security!

Wow, it is very useful for things like security and if your account gets hacked. You know what to do! 😀

How to enable it?

It’s easy, click settings when you login near my penguin you’ll see “Enable Two-Factor Authentication”

Easy right? After that you’ll see a page where you can setup your auth code and do much more!

It seems very easy to setup and it is of course good for your account’s security. I like the way how Hyperboreal supports two-factor authentication. Hyperboreal is going to soon come out of beta, you better be ready!



uberPenguin’s Custom Background!

Hey there, penguins! It is, I, Dallas, back again with another uberPenguin update! If you haven’t heard or seen already, uberPenguin implemented a custom background feature. (It’s still in beta.) If you’d like to help test this new feature, contact Lux on Discord to become a tester! You can use any type of background, as long as it’s a square photo. (For example: 300 x 300 or 500 x 500)

Here’s my background:

If you need a template, here are some templates you could test out your backgrounds on!

And here’s one without the penguin:

That’s all today, penguins. Have a nice day!

If you haven’t already joined uberPenguin and would like to, click here!

Flippr: Upcoming BIG Party?!

Hello Penguins,

Man, do I have amazing news for you?! This is going to be a rather short post, but I thought I’d inform you of this — Flippr has made a very recent tweet stating these words:

Wow! Flippr is planning out for a huge party very soon. I hope you’re as excited as I am, because I’m super pumped! From the looks of the mini game, it looks super fun to play, and I can’t wait to play it once it releases. Besides this tweet, I don’t think anything else was said about the game, but it’s always best to keep an eye open. Be sure to keep your heads up and be ready for this release! Flippr just keeps getting better and better. To play, click here!


New Author: iCPblog

Good Afternoon, everyone! I am iCPblog and I am a new SpeedyCPPSHQ Author here to bring you the latest news and updates. I have been in the community since 2010 and I am 17 years of age. I currently develop and run an AS2 CPPS. I enjoy designing rooms and being creative whenever I can. I enjoy swimming, playing sports and hiking with friends and family. I am good with fixing electronics and I also enjoy writing whenever I have spare time. I love this community and I am glad to be apart of it. Thank You for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

Aureus: A new community


Aureus is a new community based on not only CPPSes, but programming as well! When you visit the website you see a great theme which is really attracting and the logo also matches with the background.


Looks cool right? As you can see, you have to register to gain access to all of their features and lots more! Once you login you can see recent status updates so that you can get updated with latest info of what is going around the community.


Not only that you can access all the categories of the forum once you register such as CPPS, programming and much more! You can create topics, post status updates, customize your profile and also edit your account settings. The members of the community are very friendly and helpful and I hope you make a lot of friends at the community! 😀

Home | Register



Speedy CPPSHQ Turns 4!

eEizNm4B (1)

Hi guys,

We’d like to quickly announce a huge milestone for Speedy CPPSHQ.

Just days ago Speedy CPPSHQ turned 4 years old. We’d like to thank all our viewers for your endless support across the past 4 years, as we’ve been committed to deliver you the latest CPPS news, fast. We’re now one of the longest running, surviving CPPS news blogs.

I’d like to personally provide you a brief history of the blog, and how we came to be what we are today.

In July 2012, we officially opened the blog for business. It was in development for quite some time while we gathered a small team to run the site. I originally wasn’t planning to become a blogger, but something about Speedy interested me, I found inspiration from other news blogs around that era, and I thought maybe can try our own little thing, and most of all make a mark in this community.

Speedy began in quite a mix, as you may tell by some of the older posts. We began on a simple but effective site. Although the domain isn’t ideal now, It was great at the time. The team consisted on 3 admins, and whole range of authors which were made up of friends who we met on CPPSes. We had a blast, on which we found Speedy CPPSHQ something fun to do, as we all enjoyed blogging and connecting with the community. Over the years I began to develop my blogging skills, learning more and more about wordpress and what it’s capable of, along with using Speedy as a base to practice my writing skills. Soon enough, the admins began dropping like flies. Speedy soon became an inactive blog mid-2013, with little posts being made, run alone by myself. This experience was essential to gather my management skills, on keeping a team together. I began to lose interest in Speedy, and announced a break which took effect for a few months, this break involved a blog that was not updated for a few months. Although the blog was in hiatus, the viewer’s weren’t. Speedy CPPSHQ continued to gain popularity throughout the break, gathering 80,000 viewers when no posts were made.

One day, I was browsing the web and came across Speedy on a google search result. I decided to login and checkout the blog, and then caught another driving passion into continuing the site. Many changes were made in that 2014 period, along with hiring a fresh team to bring in new posts. This was a fresh start. After a few months, things turned sour again and so Speedy took another hit with a posting hiatus.

Recent times now kicked in. I was again browsing the web one day, and came across Speedy. Me and a friend then thought long and hard, and we gathered the courage to bring Speedy back again. So it happened. Speedy undertook a massive refresh, hooked up a domain and switched to, as we wanted to make a statement that we were serious for blogging. A new team was hired, and from then on-wards it expanded and the growth was big.

It took 4 years for Speedy to find the right road to travel, and I can proudly say today that we’ve found it. We have found the right direction we’ve been searching for, for so long. It took time, but all good things take time to find themselves, and this was our case.

Let this be a story to all of you. No matter what you try, you can succeed if you have the determination, passion and patience to make it work.

We’d like to thank every single person who has been a part of Speedy ever since 2012, below is a list of everyone who has been part of the blog, over these past 4 years, we couldn’t have done it without you:

 ~ Rexy, Cheerios, Jake44264, Snow, Ju982grd, DM_ChriS, Daryl, Petal, Sonic55170, iCandy, Swimmy, PinguAlex10, Yahoo, Crisps82, Player, Milliexo, Cyberisma, MrHappy7907, CPPSboy, Logan, Torres, Kakabaka, Josh09, iTom, Chris, Alvin, iAlex123, Jennifer, Lorie, Dallas, Alicia, Visa, Nombix, Flippy, Flame, Super, State, Cyberwolf, Fang, Keniferr, Ozymumbles, Tybone10, Lily, Dev321, Jason, Alana, Joey, Creek, Visa, Dallas, Squirrel, Anabanana, Yoyo, Raymond, Alanis, Sammy, Angelina, Angie, Blissom, Kyla, Catherine, Camden, Kyla, Shawn, Nuno, Tom, Leila, Christian, Peg Penguin, Kayla, Kitty, Corble, Anson, Escapism, Poochie, Categoric, Trinity, iCPblog and Bones ~

(Sorry if we’ve missed anyone – this list has been pulled from both &

We would like to thank all these people, for helping us shape Speedy CPPSHQ to what is has become today. Without your valued contributions, Speedy CPPSHQ may not be here right now.

Before we leave you with this post, we’d like to share a story. This message was submitted to us by a viewer via our feedback form. It has touched our hearts so greatly, that we would like to share it all with you. The viewer’s name will stay private for personal reasons:

“Hey, I found your website in July or August of 2012. I think the first cpps I joined was either xcpps or xpps, I don’t remember. I was eleven years old, and I had heard about the cpps community through some “rare” penguins on the regular cp on the server “sleet.” They were mentioning things about every single item for free, no memberships, and frankly, I was stoked. I stopped playing for awhile, but started back up in the fall of 2012, on, after it first started up. Again, I quit playing cpps for awhile, but got onto in May of 2014, and met some friends that saved my life. The whole point of this message is to thank you for having this website, because without it I truly believe that I would be dead right now, so thank you for that”.

Feedback like this means a lot to us. We appreciate and value everything sent to us, further allowing us to feel good on making a difference in the community.

Thank you for sticking with us over these past 4 years, and we hope to see many more to come,

The Speedy CPPSHQ Team would like to thank everyone for their support over these past 4 years. Speedy CPPSHQ’s mission is to bring you latest and reliable CPPS news. Our community means a lot to us, which will always come first. Thank you for choosing us, for your source of CPPS News.


Your Say:!

Hey guys! Today I visited to do a Your Say! After moving around the island for a bit, I selected two penguins and asked them for their participation.



User #1: Fizzled.

1. How long have you been playing
“I have been playing .me since 2012.”

2. What is your favorite feature on
“The custom items, such as the bong and stuff.”

3. What do you dislike about
“How some of the staff can be AFK most of the time.”

4. How often do you visit
“Often, but I just got back after a break.”

5. Do you play any other CPPS’, besides
“Yeah, a lot of them, such as uberPenguin and Flippr.”


User #2: Cleo68014.

1. How long have you been playing
“I have been playing since 2011-2012.”

2. What is your favorite feature on
“My favourite features are the custom rooms such as the Dance Club.”

3. What do you dislike about
” I dislike that it lags a lot and some people aren’t really the best of individuals on it.”

4. How often do you visit
“I don’t often play it, however now I’m back on it.”

5. Do you play any other CPPS’, besides
“I play a lot like, Flippr, uberPenguin, MigrateCPPS, and formerly”

A big thank you to Fizzled and Cleo68014 for participating! Here at Speedy, we value your opinions and want them to be heard!

That’s all for now, see you all soon!

– Alanis

uberPenguin’s New Interface

Hello, fellow penguins! I’m here to show you the new update uberPenguin has just done, let’s get on with the show!

First up, we have new side bars, located on the right side of your page, and I will list them from top to bottom

  1. uberMessenger
  2. Find Items
  3. Settings
  4. uberShop
  5. minimize

dallas 1

Second, they updated the login page and pre-launch page. I will show you pictures don’t worry.

dallas 2

dallas 3

That is all we have now today, but uberPenguin is coming a long way! Be sure to show lux and Bones some love for the awesome redesign.

Click below for the link to uberPenguin’s homepage, and make sure to register if you haven’t already!


Weekly Recap

Hey readers,

That week we forgot to do our weekly recap and we are deeply sorry for that, but this time for sure we won’t miss any recap. This recap will only include the old recap that we missed last week. Let’s start.

On 2016/07/17, a second your say was posted about uberPenguin. The users who gave feedback were Srah and Sleeplord. [Full Post]

On 2016/07/16, an exclusive info was posted about Hyperboreal and the post also contains a list of it’s upcoming features and lots more. [Full Post]

Once again on 2016/07/16, a sad news was posted about LimitlessCP’s party getting delay for two weeks due to some behind the scenes issues, but don’t worry it also contains some sneak peeks of the party. [Full Post]

Again on 2016/07/16, a service check was posted about UberPenguin. [Full Post]

On 2016/07/15, an exciting news was posted about FrostPengu’s new cool updates such as bug fixing and much more. [Full Post]

Once again on 2016/07/15, an amazing news was posted about CPRP’s first look. It is a Role Play CPPS where you can shoot, buy guns and do stuff. [Full Post]

Again on 2016/07/15, a news was posted about an upcoming CPPS named Hyperboreal. It contains some sneek peeks about multiplayer games and much more. [Full Post]

On 2016/07/13, an amazing news was posted about Pengur’s new game named Pengur games. It also contains some info about it and the post also shows what can you do etc. [Full Post]

Once again on 2016/07/13, a fun news was posted about uberPenguin’s three events and it also contains some info about what competitions will the events host. [Full Post]

On 2016/07/12, a news was posted about uberPenguin’s new updates about emoji’s, dark Mode, and more. [Full Post]

Have fun!

Your Say: uberPenguin

Hello everyone! Today, I went on uberPenguin and asked two users five questions each. The two users I spoke to were Srah and Sleeplord, here are their answers to the questions!


  1. How long have you been playing uberPenguin?
    I’ve been playing uberPenguin for one month
  2. What is your favorite feature on uberPenguin?
    My two favorite features are player card hue and item hue
  3. What is one thing you dislike about uberPenguin?
    I don’t dislike anything about uberPenguin
  4. How often do you visit uberPenguin?
    I visit uberPenguin once every day
    Do you play any other servers besides uberPenguin?
  5. Yes, I do play other servers


  1. How long have you been playing uberPenguin?
    I registered and began playing yesterday
  2. What is your favorite feature on uberPenguin?
    My favorite feature would have to be speed
  3. What is one thing you dislike about uberPenguin?
    I dislike nothing
  4. How often do you visit uberPenguin?
    I visit uberPenguin as much as I can
  5. Do you play any other servers besides uberPenguin?
    Yes, I play other servers

Amazing answers, Srah and Sleeplord! Thanks for reading my post.


Hyperboreal: Upcoming features

Woo! You must be wondering why am I so excited? It’s because when I contacted widd about Hyperboreal’s upcoming features he gave me tons of info about what Hyperboreal is planning and lots more! Enjoy the exclusive post presented by Speedy CPPSHQ. To get started widd listed me some upcoming features such as:

  • Multiplayer dance contest
  • Card Jitsu Fire & Water
  • statistics and leaderboards for multiplayer games
  • Website redesign
  • Embeddable player card widgets (so you can put your penguin on sites you own, etc)
  • Card Jitsu deck packs that are purchasable with coins

Cool right? I also asked him more info about the beta keys and when he will stop giving out those keys. He said:

“We’ll continue giving access only through beta keys for a little while longer”.

If you didn’t know, beta keys are the only way you can actually have a beta hat! Want to get a beta key? Visit their Twitter, so that you can win beta keys given by them and get a chance to test Hyperboreal!

The closed beta will end soon and then it will be public for testing, after closed beta all inventories will be wiped(except for beta hats on beta users). Catalogs will rotate once per month or maybe once per week/2 weeks, and parties will happen every few weeks starting with winter luau, the dock + some other party rooms on release. The mod apps might open, but they might allow applications when they go public.

Having problems with users? Getting bullied? No problem! Report systems will be done as well before release, chat logs for reports that are view-able to mods will be available so they can better solve issues. Although in the FUTURE they plan on making custom content such as rooms, items, etc. Just not for release.

Awesome right? I cannot believe it! This CPPS has everything fixed and I like the part where you can report others it is really useful.

Once again their Twitter and the Website.