Mirai: Introducing Igloo Settings

Hey penguins!

The team is excited to announce a brand new feature on Mirai. We would like to introduce you to Igloo Settings. This new feature now allows you to have greater control over your igloo, such as restricted joining, ban & kicking players from your igloo and a custom notification welcome message. Along with this new setting, you can also open your igloo and include it on the map.

If you are unable to view this update, clear your cache and re-login to the game.

To begin, login and visit your igloo. You can access these new settings by finding the gear icon which is featured on the bottom right of your screen, above the measuring tape icon for igloo editing, which will display a light blue menu. From these settings, you have different options you can edit and adjust. Below are a description and example of how to control these settings:

Join Notification – Enter a notification for players to see when they enter your igloo. Leave blank to disable. (Example: Welcome to my igloo!). This will display a blue notification featured on the top right of your screen when you join the igloo, which will display a custom message of your choosing.

Required Item ID – Enter an item ID that players must have to enter your igloo. Leave blank to disable. (Example: 221 – Black hoodie). The item selected will only allow players to join your igloo if they have that assigned item in their inventory.

Display my igloo on the map – This setting, if box checked, will feature your igloo on the map. Remember, if you do have the required Item ID setting on, only certain players can enter your igloo. Once all options are selected, make sure to save the settings for it to take effect.

The final two tabs are your ‘Players’ and ‘Banned Players’ settings. These settings are important for moderation within your igloo. To kick or ban a player, simply click on the ‘Players’ tab and select either icon, along with the confirmation. To ban a player, you are requried to input a reason on which the banned player will see and also select a ban duration (24 hours, 48 hours or forever ban). If you do decide to unban a player, navigate to the last tab which is ‘Banned Players’, where it will also display when the player is banned until. To unban the player, select them and confirm to unban.


In other updates, we have added bots to certain rooms. First originating from CP+, these ‘smart’ bots are here to keep you entertained and strives for attention! You can meet ‘Carla’ who works at the Coffee Shop, she loves to make coffee, make sure you use the coffee emote to show her that you would like to order a cup of coffee. Chef Luigi who we have flew all the way from Italy has made his home in the Pizza Parlor. He loves making pizza (and trust me, his pizza’s are delicious!). Call him by his full name and your pizza order, and he’ll come running to you, he also loves pictures, so make sure to use the pizza emote & even take a Mirai snapshot with him!

Finally, we have added a short survey which is featured at the top right side of your play screen, located next to the transformations icon. Help us make a difference to Mirai, by taking some time into filling out this survey. We appreciate all suggestions and feedback.


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Service Check: Frosty

Scenario: One player wanted to know how to become a moderator.
Moderator: Kevin
Helpfulness: 10/10
Friendliness: 10/10 

Accuracy: 10/10 
Dedication: 10/10 
Comment: This moderator was completely dedicated to this question. He answered it right away, and the user knew how to complete this task immediately because of how well he explained it. Kevin has nailed this service check. He received a great score because he did this so well.

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Hello penguins,
I would like to appropriately introduce myself. I’m Lily, a new author at Speedy; as I will be giving updates on the CPPS’ you all play and love!  Here are a few facts about myself:
◾I am 15 years old.
◾I love to go fishing with my two dogs; Rock and Roll (Clever, right?)
◾I have two sisters and one brother.
I’m sure you all know that we are one of the only blogs that are up to date on CPPS’, correct? Have you ever looked up “New CPPS’ 2k16”? If you did, you probably then noticed that the only posts that came up were from 2013! Crazy, right? That is an example of an outdated blog; which is one of the things in which we are not. Knowing that, I will make sure to post on occasion to make sure you are caught up with CPPS news.
      Imagine you were on a CPPS you didn’t know anything about. You would probably turn to a staff member for help, correct? They could potentially ignore you and talk to their friends while you are confused and desperate for help. That is one of the key reasons why we do service checks; to make sure the staff members are accurate and doing their job in general. That being said, I will make sure to post service checks as accurately as I possibly can; to make sure you know what you are dealing with on the CPPS you need help on.
Anyways, I look forward to blogging for you guys!
Until next time,
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Website Updates

Hi guys,

Speedy CPPSHQ has been busy over the past few weeks with new additions to the blog. We have been hard at work bringing you fresh, updated content straight from the source.

Firstly, we have decided to keep the CPPS Contributor rank, which are developers and staff from CPPS’ who directly posts their CPPS updates onto the blog. With that said, they can be found on our re-vamped ‘Our Team‘ page, along with the CPPS they are contributing from. If you are interested, in being in this team, leave your information on our Contact Us page, along with a form of contact & the CPPS you will be representing. We have also completed some minor renovations on our CPPS List page, removing our old layout and refreshing it into 2016!

We’re also looking to hire 2 new authors. If you are interested, leave your application in, on our Apply page. Although we do not require previous experience, you will be judged by your submission of your application only, so make it informative!

New Pages

CPPS Moderation
We have implemented a new page where we will post staff positions we find on CPPS’, along with a method into applying. This is here to be monitored by our team, and if you are wanting to have a position posted on our page, drop in a comment which we leave unapproved or leave us a ticket on our Contact Us page.

CPPS Media
We love this page! Ever wanted to share the funniest picture you’ve captured on a CPPS? Or a memory that will never be forgotten, past or present we want you to share it! Simply upload the image on the page, include a short description and you’re done! The image will be queued on for review, and if it’s appropriate, it will be approved and display on that page, forever.

CPPSCreator List
It’s back! If you were with us in the past, we had a ‘MYCPPS’ & ‘CPPS Host’ list page, on where anyone could have their free hosted server featured on the page. It’s only fitting to have it return, under a different CPPS Creator. If you own a CPPSCreator CPPS, and want it featured on the page, comment on the page with the requirements listed (Owner name, URL & CPPS name). This list will help promote your server, to attract more users to it, absolutely free. Why not give it ago? Speedy CPPSHQ is here to support the CPPS community.

As the name suggests, everything on this page is in beta. We like to give things a test run before they are implemented around the blog. If you are wanting to assist with the development of Speedy CPPSHQ, try out the features on our beta page & drop in a comment about your experience with them. Right now, we have implemented a smart artificial intelligence conversation bot on the page. Give it a try by starting a conversation with it!

Want to keep up-to-date on all the new updates floating around Speedy CPPSHQ? Visit this page. We will be posting every single front-end update to the page, under the date and version format. This will keep you in the loop, and you may even notice some new updates that you would enjoy!

We also are trying to have more fun on Speedy CPPSHQ. Our theme will soon be changed to surprise new color. Can you guess what color we will be? We have also added a fun facts, which is featured underneath the Chatango Shoutbox. This will change to a new fact, every time you refresh your page, on any page you are on. If you want to suggest a new fact to add to our collection, drop in a comment, or if you want to report an inappropriate fact, we can remove that for you. Did you know a tortoise can live up to 140 years old?

We have also added two new additions to make our site more interactive.

As the name suggests, this is all about drawing and sketching. Anyone can submit a drawing (please be appropriate) along with your name and a description, which will feature in our dooodl gallery. Latest submissions will be featured in our widget sidebar to the right of your screen. Make sure to have fun with it!
You can view the gallery here: http://www.speedycppshq.com/dooodl/gallery
You can submit a dooodl sketch here: http://www.speedycppshq.com/dooodl/creator/

We’ve turned Speedy CPPSHQ into a game! Asteroids is a fun game where you are a rocket and fly around Speedy CPPSHQ and shoot and destroy everything. Posts, widgets, images, headers, you name it. To play the game scroll down to the bottom footer space of the blog, and click to play asteroids. To fly, use the arrow keys and to shoot use the space-bar. This is not here to stay, but have fun with it until we remove it.

Have any suggestions for Speedy CPPSHQ? Leave us a comment!


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Service Check: LimitlessCP

Scenario: One player wanted to know how to obtain nameglow.
Moderator: Anabanana 
Helpfulness: 0/10 – 
Friendliness: 0/10 – 
Accuracy: 0/10 – 
Dedication: 0/10 –
Comment: This moderator did not handle the problem appropriately. Instead of answering this user’s question, she simply ignored this user. She was not AFK or BRB because her penguin was moving. The user started reacting and the player was kicked instead of getting his/her question answered.

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Service Check: ComplusCP

Scenario: A user wanted to know how to get name glow, a staff position, and information about the CPPS.
Moderator: Squirrel
Helpfulness: 9/10 – The moderator was very helpful.
Friendliness: 10/10 – The moderator was very friendly.
Accuracy: 6/10 – The moderator was accurate.
Dedication: 7/10 – The moderator was dedicated.
Comment: The moderator tested was dedicated in helping this one person who needed information. They asked how to get features, to which the moderator replied with a link to donate. The user then asked how to get a staff position- and he shared an email to send applications to. The helpful moderator also gave some background information about the CPPS. Although the user was asking questions, he did take his focus off of the user and answered other penguins’ questions in the middle of their conversation.

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Service Check: OldCP

Scenario: A user wanted to know how to get ring color, penguin glow, and how to earn gold.
Moderator: Terry91
Helpfulness: 10/10 – The moderator was very helpful.
Friendliness: 9/10 – The moderator was very friendly.
Accuracy: 9/10 – The moderator was very accurate.
Dedication: 10/10 – The moderator was very dedicated.
Comment: Terry91 was talking with a couple of other users for only a split second, but immediately came up to the user who was asking for help right after. Terry91 was pretty friendly and was dedicated to helping the user and showed that this moderator takes joy in helping people. The user proceeded to ask how to get ring color and penguin glow, and Terry91 gave an immediate reply telling the user that you can get both features using gold. The user was confused and asked how to earn gold, and the moderator told the user that you can buy gold or earn it by being active. The user was pleased with the help he had received and told the moderator thank you, and the moderator walked away feeling positive.

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Service Check: iPenguin

Scenario: One player wasn’t receiving credits that he was being rewarded.
Moderator: iCPBlog
Helpfulness: 10/10 – The moderator was very helpful.
Friendliness: 10/10 – The moderator was very friendly.
Accuracy: 10/10 – The moderator was very accurate.
Dedication: 10/10 – The moderator was very dedicated.
Comment: iCPBlog went out of his way to ensure that this user’s problem would be fixed. iCPBlog provided an answer as fast as he could, and soon fixed this players problem, thus getting him 100%. This staff member did an excellent job helping this user.

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Introducing ComplusCP



ComplusCP is a brand new AS2 server that has made it’s advertising campaign on social media and CPPS chat boxes. ComplusCP is owned by the previous owner of BringBack2009 – Shaun. This server focuses on basic features. Let’s see what ComplusCP is all about.

ComplusCP currently offers a rank called VIP. VIP is a rank with these perks:

  • Nameglow
  • Namecolor
  • Custom Items
  • Access to the VIP and Staff Lounge Secret Room
  • Nickname Changer*
  • Playercard Designer*
  • Connection to servers using our paid-dedicated servers¹
  • Higher chance of receiving staff

This is a quote from ComplusCP’s website.

ComplusCP is currently in the beta stages, lasting one week. These beta stages come along with a party – the beta party! To see this for yourself, I recommend that you check out ComplusCP.

Home / Play / Sign up


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Pengur – Beta Applications


Hello there, penguins! I would like to welcome you all to my first post here on SpeedyCPPSHQ. My name is Flippy and I design for an upcoming CPPS called “Pengur“. So with that said let’s get going. I would like to announce that Pengur is now accepting beta test applications! Everyone can apply until the 12th for free. Although we will only choose a few people to test Pengur. We can not wait to see your applications!

See you soon,


Home | Apply

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