BREAKING NEWS: DesertCP Suspended

Hi guys,

We bring you breaking news right as it happens, with DesertCP’s service becoming suspended.

This is followed by Speedy CPPSHQ’s investigation, which lead to us discovering that was replaced with an automatic download which contained sensitive information, such as the database password. The main issue was the owner failing to install PHP correctly, which is why the file downloaded straight to your computer.

Matt’s CPPS who hosts DesertCP, quickly took action and suspended DesertCP to risk any further security breaches.


DesertCP are yet to comment on this massive security flaw, but the automatic downloads may have caused many issues, even the public freely being able to access the configuration files.


A small glimpse on what the automatic download contained.

We will bring you more news as soon as it arrives.


LimitlessCP Closing & New CPPS: Klondike

Aye Penguins!

LimitlessCP’s time is coming to an end.  We have a closing date set for early August, but never fear the owner ‘Thorn’ is releasing a new server called ‘Klondike’!  As LimitlessCP’s time is coming to an end we have made many of the extras free.

However we are introducing penguin size and snowball colour,  this will only be available to mods and game night winners.  Every Friday night at 7PM EST we will be having a game night where you can win these exclusive extras this will continue till LCP’s  closing in August.  This game night will be starting in June and you will be able to win these here on Speedy during the month of June!

Klondike will also be releasing in early August for its beta stage.  The server will not be related to LCP in anyway besides being owned by the same person.  Yes, you will have to make a new accounts on the new server. It will also be releasing with a spanish server!

Be sure to log in to LCP for its final weeks! I also hope to see you on Klondike when it releases for beta!


DesertCP Premium features + Premium Giveaway

Hello! Recently I was approached by Fice, the creator of DesertCP and he told me that he would be giving away premium to the next 50 users who joined! Exciting, right?

Now, what just is Premium? Premium is a rank on DesertCP which gives you access to a whole bunch of premium-only features and customizations! It’d normally cost $2 but the next 50 registrations will get it absolutely free!

This will go fast so don’t waste any time and head right on over to the Registration page!

But what exactly are these “Premium only features” Well let’s take a look!


  • Even more customization on how others see your message bubbles! Modify the pointer of the message with !BP
  • A customizable title under your penguin’s name! With !title, !TG and !TC
  • Penguin Glow! !PG


  • Access to 116 customizable backgrounds with !CBKG 10000 – 10116 (Woah!)
  • Playercard hue with !hue -360 – 360!
  • Mood glow and color!

!blend Size

  • Modify your penguin in interesting ways with !blend invert, !blend subtract, !blend multiply and return to normal with !blend normal!
  • Become a giant or shrink to an ant with !SS 1 1 – 300 300!
  • Change the speed of your penguin with !ps 1 – 100!


                                        From DesertCP commands page

Do you like the look of those features? I think they’re great!

And remember, there’s only 50 Premium spots open for new users so hurry while you still can!



Virtual Penguin!

Come and join Virtual Penguin today! ( )

Come along and experience the amazing commands, interactive staff, fun games and many more awesome features!!

Are you sick and tired of having to pay for name glow? No worries, virtual penguin gives all of the glows for free! No waiting for credits and no paying! Yes, that is right, free glows!

Confused on how to use the commands?! No worries, ask a staff member or check out their commands page! They have a great feature that allows you to change your glows and everything without trouble! It’s located at the top right corner.

Do you play Club Penguin? Well, Virtual Penguin has it’s own section that gives out Club Penguin membership codes! The generous staff decided on this feature! Yesterday they gave out 5, yes 5, 6 month membership codes! Come along and see when the next code(s) is being given out!

Virtual Penguin hinted at a few new commands and features to come! Party switcher? Maybe! Check out what is in store for this sever!


Virtual Penguin, an AS3 server!
~Angelina – New PM System!

Hello, fellow CPPS players! has recently released a new feature for their game. If you haven’t already guessed, the feature is a brand new PM system! It’s definitely a lot more different than your average and modern PM layout, but it gets the job done. Here is an example of an everyday conversation between two users:


You may be wondering why the buddy list layout is almost completely identical to the PM system layout. Instead of constructing and building a brand new design, they instead used an already built layout meant for something else. This is a unique and innovative idea though- however, the use of it can be a bit confusing, so we’ll show you how it’s done down below!


Simply click the envelope located at the top right of your screen, and from there on, you’ll see a list of your online buddies with an option to send them a message. After choosing and clicking someone, there should be an empty space that looks similar to this.


You may be wondering why there isn’t a text box where you’d type your messages. Well, instead of that, you type what you’d like to say into the normal text box where you type at the bottom of the screen. This only works when the PM interface is open.


After typing what you’d like to say, it should appear here in white text. Pretty neat, am I right? The way this feature was built is definitely unique and different, however it is a bit more difficult to use than a traditional PM system.

Want to check this out for yourself? Visit the links below!

Home | Register | Play


Waddler Updates & Radio!

Aye penguins!

Waddler has been going through some major updates!  As they are a new CPPS of course they have had some kinks, that is to be expected, but for the most part  they have them all fixed and looking amazing, as well as one new exciting custom feature!

Lets start off with the bugs they worked out.  First off they were having some issues with bubble colour, that has been fixed up and you can now log on and enjoy that feature to its fullest.  The next bug they had was with the emotes, some of them, mostly the more custom ones were showing up as red squares but they have worked hard, and now they have that all fixed up!  Take a look.


Now we have their new custom feature! Which is a… Radio!  They have introduced this to the game for the players to enjoy earlier today, which is very exciting!  Although you must be logged on to use this feature and you cant request songs as of right now (hint *wink*), it’s nice and definitely a feature I will be using in the near future!


And finally, they might be looking for staff soon *wink*  I hope to see some of you lovelies applying.

Well that is about it for the Waddler updates.  I hope to see you all log on and enjoy them!  Enjoy the rest of your day.


Pengur: New Updates!

Hey Penguins!

When I looked at the designer of Pengur’s twitter, I stumbled across some new epic updates! These updates include a new login, and a new way to show when a staff is real! Let’s check out the updates, shall we?

First update: Login changes!

Login changes 2

When first entering Pengur, if you don’t have an account already saved, you should come up with this new and redone login.

Login changes 1

If you already have a penguin saved, you should come up with this screen with your penguin in a bigger format.

Login changes 3

A newer and redone login, with your penguin in shorter view so you could focus on entering the game, totally awesome!

Login changes 4

A redone server selector with the Pengur mascot, Ted, and the updates to the server. This login is very unique and very original! Very nice work, Pengur!

Second update: New badges to tell staff apart from regular players!

Sometimes players create penguins close to the staff penguins, but CPPSes have came up with an idea to stop that. A real staff penguin has a badge to tell others apart. Pengur recently had the badge on the right side of the player card, but they moved it up to the top left by the name!

In recent news, Pengur was down for a decent amount of time. Because of users really liking the Adventure Party, Pengur decided to extend the party by one more week because of their downtime. Awesome!

All these updates are great and add to the amazing originality that Pengur has. I know they’ll come up with new ideas to bring to the community very soon!




Flame – Beta Testing!

Desertcp is a brand new AS2 server full of many new awesome and amazing commands! Even though it is still in it’s beta stage, it’s a fully functional CPPS!

Come along and use some amazing features, interact with others, have fun using these commands and interact with our staff members!

The server has a great staff team, active, friendly, very supportive and understandable!

The commands range from commands for members without premium and for premium (VIP) penguins (Premium is only $2).

All members premium or not get all the usual commands. Item adding, Coin Adding, Stamp Adding, Clone, stop people cloning you, and Pin Adding!

Members without premium still get a fair amount of things. They get:
Name glow, Name Colour, Bubble Colour, Bubble Text, Ring colour, Walk On Walls, Alpha, Outfit Saves and chat glow! Premium members get more commands, see them at

To use some of theses amazing features and to be part of this awesome game come and join at

We hope to see many of you waddling around this private server! If you have any other further questions leave them in the comments below!

Keep Waddling,

SharkPenguin: Released!

Hello everybody,

There is a new CPPS that has just recently been released, and this CPPS goes by the name of SharkPenguin! Of course, like any other server out there, they have quite a few things that makes them unique from other CPPSes. I will be showing you just those few items! To start it off, when I was logging in, I noticed they had a pretty rad loading screen —


Right now, like quite a few other CPPSes, they have the Zootopia party going on right now. Anyone can partake in this event, so you should come on down to SharkPenguin and see how the party is going for yourself!

There is one thing in general I truly love about this CPPS, and that is the gear in the top right corner with several options to customize your penguin and it’s glows —


As you can see, there are pages with options for size, nameglow, bubblecolor, playercard hue, and more! Have you noticed the option for floating? Floating is a very fun option to put on, and I’ll show you how funny it makes me look whenever I waddle around in the town —


Along with one of the Speedy CPPSHQ readers, Super2458!

Notice how weird I look whenever I waddle? I also have speed on, so that’s another thing. The Zootopia party is absolutely amazing on top of all of this, so this CPPS is pretty great! I’ve also seen something rather interesting. There are credits that are displayed to you and others on your playercard —


At first I had no idea what the credits were used for, considering we already have access to so many features on SharkPenguin. However, one of the developers who goes by the name “Bunny Green,” told me that later on the credits can be used to buy other features such as snowball color and playercard music.

These unique soon-to-come abilities are being worked on as we speak by the people over on SharkPenguin, so you should come on down and get to see the game before and after the updates! Keep in mind that it is brand new, so if you run into any bugs, feel free to tell one of the staff that there is a problem. Puffles will also be coming very soon, so come online right away and explore for yourself!

Home || Register || Play


New Author :)

Hello everyone, my name is Amy and I’m currently 15 years old.
I am best known around the CPPS world as Angelina/Angelinaa :).

I have the absolute privilege to be a new author here at Speedy CPPSHQ!

A few facts about me 😀
– I am a crazy animal lover
– I vlog on a private channel
– I’m an inspired blogger by Zoella
– I love to sing and play sports

I love swimming and all things sporty. Also, I’ve been in the CP community since 2006 and the CPPS community for about 3 years now, if you would like to add me my username in most CPPSes is Angelina (Some it is Angelinaa ~ it is #Allie.)

I hope to give you all the best, quality blog posts 🙂
Thank you for reading!

Lorax and Pepper: Merged

Hey guys! I’m here to bring you something super exciting. and Lorax Cpps have some exciting news!

Lorax Cpps has merged with Pepper!

Their team has been working tirelessly in preparation for their opening, and we are so excited for what is to come! Check out these exclusive sneak peeks!

Look at the awesome playercard layout! An in game marry/bff system, a credit system, and playercard hue! Also, notice the unique chat bar!

Look at this awesome mood manager! So many different ones to choose from!

An easy way to access all of your in-game preferences at once. How cool!

That’s all for now, but make sure you stay tuned!

CPPS.IO Updates are out!

Hello! has officially launched their updates! They are also currently hosting the “Festival Of Flight” party.

Command center updates:

The updates includes updates to’s !cc command, the interface is nicer and there are more features:

Outfit picker

Outfit picker



V.I.P features

V.I.P Features


Bubble color and text have been added!

Color picker

Choose a color from a list of templates

Not all the features have been added yet but I’ve been told there’s more to come!

Festival of flight

Make sure you also explore the festival of flight which will be available for one week as a server-wide party!


Festival of flight



Be sure to check these updates out! May Service Check

Service Check 1 
Scenario: A user wanted to know how to get nameglow and bubble colour.
Moderator Name: Carly

Helpfulness: 10/10
Friendliness: 10/10
Accuracy: 9/10
Dedication: 8/10

Combined Rating: 37/40
Combined Percentage Rating: 92.5% 
Comment: When I first logged on to the game and made my way to the stadium, I asked if any staff were in the room. A user went up to me and told me that Carly was part of their staff, so I went up to Carly with questions. First, I asked how to get nameglow. She answered my question thoroughly for the most part, but her friends kind of distracted her in the meantime. However, though she spoke to her friends here and there, she stayed focused mainly on helping the user. When I asked how to get bubblecolor, the moderator also provided good and accurate information. Overall, I am very proud with Carly, and I think she did a great job!

Service Check 2 
Scenario: A user wanted name glow, moderator position and a random user to get banned.
Moderator Name:  Logan

Helpfulness: 7/10
Friendliness: 10/10
Accuracy: 8/10
Dedication: 7/10

Combined Rating: 32/40
Combined Percentage Rating: 80%
Comment: A user asked if any mods were in the room, Logan quickly came to the aide of the user. The user asked how to get nameglow and the moderator rank, the user also wanted a random user banned. The user was unreasonable but Logan handled the situation well and was respectful to the user, Logan would of done better to be more precise when telling the user how to get nameglow and he was also a little inactive for parts of the conversation and got distracted with one or two other users, however, overall he was very good :).

Service Check 3

Scenario: A user wanted to learn how to obtain name glow.
Moderator Name:  Klay

Helpfulness: 10/10
Friendliness: 8/10
Accuracy: 10/10
Dedication: 8/10

Combined Rating: 36/40
Combined Percentage Rating: 90%
Comment: Klay was very helpful to the user.  He came right away after the !help command was used.  He explained clearly how to obtain the items, saying that they do give aways or you can buy them.  He even linked me to the manager!  However he was quite frank and blunt with his answers and should have gone into more detail as well.  In the end he welcomed me to the CPPS and left.  Overall he did a very nice job as a moderator!

Percentage Summary

Service Check 1 Combined Percentage Rating: 92.5%
Service Check 2 Combined Percentage Rating: 80%
Service Check 3 Combined Percentage Rating: 90%

Average Score for May’s Service Checks:

Average total rating: 35/40
Average total percentage: 87.5%

Overall comment: The server did an excellent job moderating although the mods could work on their dedication a bit more.  They were very helpful and their mods were for the most part friendly.   I hope to see them continue the great work!

Flippr – Welcoming Earth Day Party!

Hey everyone,

Flippr has come to us with a new party – Earth Day! This party is on until June 3rd. You can go green, transform, complete quizzes for rewards and so much more! To start it off, they have changed up the screen you usually see upon loading Flippr’s play page —

Go Green!

How green can you get?! Hey, let’s login and see the game itself – oh wait, what’s this?

Looks like they’ve also added a few other neat looking tools for the CPPS! Anyway, as I entered the town, I noticed they truly did update the town’s looks for this festive party. I’m going to show you it right now, and believe me, it’s so incredibly green, you’ll never get your eyes off it! —

Holy cow! Wait, what’s that green tree symbol in the corner? Let’s click it and find out, I’m awfully curious as it is…

Hey, that’s awfully neat! You go on a scavenger hunt and collect the items shown along with being given a hint on the side pasted as a note, so that’s helpful for those in need. Let me see… hmm… Okay, hold on, I’ll go look where I think one of the items is…–


Um… wait, who’s Jim? Isn’t that the dead guy from Google Chrome? Okay, I’m sorry, I need to get back on task. I’m going to examine what I found.

I found myself that item! That’s pretty neat. I don’t want to spoil the prize for you once you find every item on the list, so let your curiosity flow and get hunting! It’s certainly a very entertaining thing to do.

Have I told you many of the rooms are decorated for this party? I checked out the snow forts for myself, and this is what I came to —

Super green, awesome, and one of a kind! It also looks like my puffle has found something lying within that patch of grass. Flippr has put a lot of effort into this event, so I think you should come on down and look at how other things are with this amazing party. I highly recommend it, and you won’t regret playing Flippr!

Home || Register || Play


Matt’s CPPS: May Service Check

Service Check 1 
Scenario: A user wanted to know how to change name glow and get VIP.
Moderator Name: Blissom

Helpfulness: 6/10
Friendliness: 0/10
Accuracy: 4/10
Dedication: 0/10

Combined Rating: 10/40
Combined Percentage Rating: 25% 
Comment: When I first logged on, Blissom was AFK, so I waited.  When she came back, she came up to me and answered the question I had asked while she was away.  She simply came up to me and said “in the settings” which was the gear.  She then walked away quickly and chatted with another user.  I proceeded to ask how to get VIP.  She answered with “credits” and again walked away and made an annoyed face and started again chatting with other users, so I thanked her and logged off.  I hope in the near future she can be a little kinder and less ignorant.

Service Check 2 
Scenario: A user wanted to know how to change his penguin size.
Moderator Name: EMILIA

Helpfulness: 7/10
Friendliness: 9/10
Accuracy: 10/10
Dedication: 7/10

Combined Rating: 33/40
Combined Percentage Rating: 82.5%
Comment: When I logged on, I was welcomed by some of the users, and I asked for a moderator. When I asked EMILIA for help, she was very nice and started off by welcoming me to Matt’s CPPS. Although she was very nice and had a great understanding of the features, she had to log off after I asked my question. Fortunately, the moderator’s friend helped me out. Overall, the moderator seemed very helpful but did not get the chance to help me.

Service Check 3 
Scenario: A user asked how to achieve the moderator and VIP positions, as well as asking if they could earn features individually.
Moderator Name: degenerate

Helpfulness: 6/10
Friendliness: 8/10
Accuracy: 8/10
Dedication: 7/10

Combined Rating: 29/40
Combined Percentage Rating: 72.5% 
Comment: Grasping degenerate’s attention was fairly easy, but when we got into the conversation, he seemed a bit uninterested in what I had to ask. Originally, I asked how to achieve the moderator position, and he answered with a sincere and helpful response. This was appreciative and I congratulate him on a good note for helping in a nice way. But, however, he started letting positions lower than him, as well as casual users, answer the questions for him. When I asked how to achieve VIP, a user by the name of “Woofiez” stepped in, along with Cloud and Blissom. They helped out, but degenerate seemed to not give thorough responses, but rather “yes” and “no” answers, resulting in a low helpfulness/dedication rating. Though, he was friendly and accurate when he was active. Woofiez should be given the chance as being a moderator for great support.

Percentage Summary

Service Check 1 Combined Percentage Rating: 25%
Service Check 2 Combined Percentage Rating: 82.5%
Service Check 3 Combined Percentage Rating: 72.5%

Average Score for May’s Service Checks:

Average total rating: 24/40
Average total percentage: 60%

Overall comment: Matt’s CPPS’ staff members have good potential and seem to be nice and friendly. There are a lot of things that need to be worked on, though there are good aspects about the team. The things that need to be worked on are friendliness and dedication, but as time goes on, that will definitely be fixed. The one user known by the name of “Woofiez” should be given the chance as a moderator, as he gave great support when the mods weren’t answering in the last check. Overall, Matt’s staff did an okay job and should definitely keep excelling at their positions- as they are good people and are learning how to moderate, just like all other staff members at other CPPSes. Great job!